Where is this information?

I have been looking for a piece of information for days but I do not seem to be able to find it. I was sure that it was in one of Koetting’s books, but I am not that sure anymore.

There was this magician who was having serious legal problems and was risking jail, but he did some ritual (evocation?) and it ended very well for him.

Does it ring a bell?


Dont know that one, but you got a very similar one in the New Avatar Power, in the first chapter. Invocation for winning trials I think

EA told a similar story in his Nate Bales Interview with a Magus episode, Belial was the entity be used.


Also its indirectly referenced by EA (about himself) in the BALG ebk, as well as more detail in I think its Ipsissimus (or Evoking Eternity) -in the middle of one of those. (both about being charged and in the pre-trial stage, as well as in Jail in regards to getting out… so those two diff refs to his sit; I don’t recall a mention about another person besides the author himself).