Where is darkness in relation to the astral plane

I find myself encountering pure darkness in my dreams, its usually found at the very edges of my dreamscape or just outside of the “what can be seen” bubble during my dreams. in all of our dreams does it anchor the light? does it surround the astral plane? is it within me or where the mind is?

its there believe me i just want to know exactly where it is to match my gnosis

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Who are you working with right now?

I’ve been shown that Satan is the darkness in the light of Creation


I work with lucifuge and paymun, but you can’t really say its because of them because i’ve traversed beyond dreamscape encountering darkness the 2nd day my journey began in magick.

thats my question where is that darkness it has to be all around us or i must’ve been in a different dimension. but that doesn’t explain why each of my real dreams can be broken out of, has anyone here broken out? what did you guys find?

You mean broken out of the darkness?

Have you considered it could be an obstacle to overcome?

Like, it might be the next step in becoming something bigger.

That or it could be an initiation

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no i mean broken out of the dream into darkness, imagine darkness encapsulating the dreamscape like darkness being the ocean and a submarine being the dreamscape

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you might be right i met my godform that way, with help from azazel and some effort on my end. I was just getting started too and barely knew him so for him to do that was dope

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I’ve had an experience with something like this.

To me, it’s space (emptiness).

Like the womb everything else is in or something.

Like it’s the backdrop everything else is overlayed onto/over.

This advertisement comes to mind:

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I think it’s somewhere beyond the physical universe but not part of the infernal empires ir the astral sort of between places. Not absent of entities more like a passageway between realms if that makes sense and you best not get stuck there in transit cuz it’s neither here nor there it’s between and if you get stuck there you might not find a way to where you were going if where you’ve been).

Add: a wormhole? A gateway? A tunnel to somewhere? Something like that but I can’t really get the description right while I’m trying to explain what I think it is.

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Its in shadows of your surroundings.

its conciousness collective, for shadow magic practices.