Where I put this statue?

I just bought a thumbnail statue of Maria Padilha by a cheap price (because ? I don’t know) and I don’t have a place to put it in my house because I have a Christian family. What would be a good place to have it?

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few questions.

#1: Does anyone in your family go through your closet?

#2: What possible spaces do you have to hide it?

#3: Did you buy it online if so does anyone open your mail for you?

1# Very rare, but yes.
2# My bag.
3# No, I bought at city.
But right now, it won’t be mine, so well, I don’t need to worry about it, long story.

I would suggest putting it in the bag and in the farthest space of the closet (you know… the one where you can’t reach without a huge mess that take hours to clean and no one has the time to look that far.)

could be any bag

Yes, I’ll put it in the bag until I give it to the one that I must.

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