Where does the success of physical manifestation lies upon?

Hey Guys,

I am evoking daily still doing the whole thing, from walking counterclockwise to rapture to kopal incense I still have the sigil flashing and everything and I feel the presence but still nothing, I mean I have the conversation with them in my mind and everything but my biggest concern about this is the results I will get from this, I dont know if I am not going to get my desired results because the spirits are not manifesting.

Now where exactly does the success lies upon, is it in the rapture state or is it in having the 3rd eye open?

I been working on my chakras for years now, I dont know if I have my psychic abilites up to par and this is why manifestation is not happening for me.

I tried the fasting for one day, I didnt wanted to continue because I just got out of anemia and I dont want to go back to it again and feel like shit.

I did feel it more intense after the fast but still didnt get what I wanted plus I’ve also done self hypnosis for a few years now so I do know how to get the critical part out of my mind.

So can someone spot what exactly do I have to tweak and what specific exercises should I use to get the physical manifestation to happen?

Thank you!

P.S. I’ve talked to Sastan and he said that I was ready and he even gave me a particular ways of visualizing but it still not doing the trick for me-

From the moment that you feel the presence, the entity is most definitly there. So act as if you can actuallly see and hear him. If you’re having conversations in your mind then all you have to do is to take those conversations for real. Believe it and trust yourself.

Have patience with yourself and keep your evocations going. Just because you can’t see the entity doesn’t mean that the entity can’t see or hear you. It’ll come, don’t worry.
Stick with the exercises E.A. gives you in the course. Rome hasn’t been build in one day, you dig? As far as I can see from what you tell, you’re going in the right direction. I promise that results will come, inspite of a full manifestation or not. Trust, believe and hold on.
Success lies in what you experience and your capability to trust and in detaching yourself from the whole ritual.

Fake it till you make it!

One thing I forgot: Think about the magical Imagination. E.A. explains very clearly how you can use this to structure an entity. Even gives a demonstration.