Where does the legions come from?

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If you have read Goetia, then you can see that every spirit in that book commands x no of legions.

Where do these spirits(legions) come from? How does these spirits grow or hire their legions? Why would someone wanna work for the boss spirits? Does anyone know all this stuff? Am I asking the right questions or these are the silly ones?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The legions of hell come from an infinite source. I would imagine that they are assigned demons by the king of hell (usually Satan or Lucifer depending on who you ask)

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So the grand bosses like Satan/Lucifer collect spirits for the purpose of assigning to lesser bosses??
So its like we are asking for a helper spirits (Familiar spirits) from the goetics, they in turn ask from Satan/Lucifer ?
What would be the end goal in all of this process?

I’m not sure, my main path doesn’t focus on demons so I can only repeat what others know or have speculated. You could technically travel to thier world and find out for yourself.

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My astral senses are not open yet, also I cant do astral travel, thats why I keep asking small small question like these on forums :stuck_out_tongue:
They are my current goals to achieve :wink: Can you help me out with either of them??

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Legions were 5 or 6 thousand in number but were reduced to about 1,000 in roman times based on their function. Or just practical reasons. If you are going on a long trek its easier to feed 1,000 men than 5,000. Easier to sneak over a mountain with 1,000.

From my experience I have seen the spirits under the demons to seem to be a combination of office workers and soldiers. I don’t know if a legion is only made of soldiers or if that includes specialists. For example some spirits are good at making astral weapons, poisoning humans, effecting minds.I have been shown both metaphors like a kingdom or a business.

It seems to differ really based on the qualities and personality of their bosses. So I don’t know if the spirits are assigned to the legion because they have similar qualities to their boss. Or they develop qualities of who they are placed with.

Some demons can grant placement above these legions like a general or something like that. So if a human became a demon i could see them taking a position like that.


I haven’t gotten a real answer because I haven’t asked this question but I have a hunch that the demonic kings and lords create their legions from a portion of their own energy. Kind of like thought forms but different because spirits aren’t limited by human concepts of time or location.


I get that impression too, that they begin bringing forth new life to serve them, and then of course they sometimes capture, enslave, or even rescue other spirits who will become bound by loyalty and perhaps stronger links.


Ohhhh this would make so much sense. Lucifer was trying to explain to me and I didn’t understand. He was trying to explain the difference between him creating life and a human woman creating life. Other that the obvious physical form all the factors involved.

Cause I said I wish I could have a baby girl. He said he could try but there are so many factors. The human body has a life and design of its own. He could set things in motion but it wasn’t something 100%. Not that a thoughtform can’t grow and suprise the creator but its different.


There are lots of fertility spells and fertily gods and goddesses, would the situation permit working those in, as support?

There are also charms, spell, all kinds, plus you could possibly look into a Venus talisman (for both Lucifer and for the feminine principle, and fertility) and carrying that - planetary talismans are good for slow change at a very deep level, which supports all other types of work. :thumbsup:

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I think he told me that to be kind as not to break my heart if it wasn’t a girl. I’m 1st trimester now so we’ll see in the next few months. I won’t be crushed if its not a girl.

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I am starting to scratch at the suface of how this is done with my work in the path of smoke. The ritual “awakening the blackened sol of plants” is a method to breathe life into dead matter of herbs, roots, animal parts, minerals to awaken the spirits within so they can be worked with as new familars or new divs of nature. It is proving to be an interesting experience.

First night yielded a channeling of practical information from a Crystal tree made of amethyst,copper and quartz pieces. Had a whole page of info before i had realized WHAT i was writing. Had to reread it like 3 times cause i threw me off that much lol :laughing:


Has anyone tried to create a legion of their own?


if i remember correctly,i read the book of azazel and it said that azazel had demonic warriors,informers

What an interesting theory!

We know that life in the universe can either come from the source, or be created by other beings.

When I think of the source I imagine a white glowing sun somewhere in the higher dimension that is maybe God and is constantly spitting out pure new souls. That was my RHP understanding in the past.

But we know that spirits and even we can birth life in the astral. Maybe this is because the source isn’t a glowing sun but invisibly permeates all places in existence. But if souls can be immediately born as demons maybe the source isn’t glowing innocence like I thought but neutral. It’s interesting to think about, we exist in a living universe, so I guess absolutely everything has some degree of consciousness and just wakes up to it at different rates.

Or maybe there is no source… only beings that always existed and a twisty loop of time to make that possible.

The idea of making life by yourself and not involving another is interesting. Sort of like cloning in a sense? It just occurred to me now that we can make servitors and that doesn’t involve another… you could be right FraterMagni.

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