Where do you draw the line?

If you spend some time lurking about Balg and other forums you see many differing beliefs and opinions, so my question is where do you personally draw the line.

As with people who spend time with the occult and paranormal, they tend not to be the sanest bunch around. From the demiurge has us trapped in a matrix to hyper booleans are invaders from alternate timelines chasing after the Illuminati. Is the earth indeed flat and the ice giants are preventing us from leaving, or perhaps there is child slave ring on mars. Are Sam and Dean on their way over to ice some werewolves. I know these examples are a tad exaderated but nonetheless what are your opinions on the subject?

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What do you mean, on “draw the line” - on what is beleivable, and what is plainly hogwash?

Not dreadfully keen on your use of “they” - you’re presumably not “one of them” … seems like a bit of a bait topic to get people arguing tbqh mate. :wink:

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My lines fluctuate but the nuttier conspiracy theories (Nephilim, Christian Armageddon, Time traveling aliens, a massive government conspiracy that practices Satanism, etc.) I find it hard to buy into those. I mean aliens on earth. Probably true. JFK killed by the CIA. All but confirmed. But Nephilim giants running amok? That’s insanity. I would also say the same thing of the Jewish hysteria at least racially speaking. Ridiculous nonsense.


Essentially yes, I am rather open-minded to the possibility of a few things that go beyond what is mainstream, haven’t discounted everything yet :stuck_out_tongue:

And by they I mean you know what I mean, there is the guy that takes the red pill then there is the guy who overdoses on the red pill. Didn’t make this with the intent to cause a ruckus just wanted to gauge the beliefs of the forum.

I recall reading a while back you are Rh neg and that has something to do with the reptilian invasion plan, while I see this as rather outlandish(and based on some anti-Semitic sentiment) the belief is tossed around every now and then.


Yeah, we’re in phase 2 the fattening right now, think you gotta admit it’s going pretty well… :wink:

Okay seriously so long as no-one gets their frillies in a twist, as @FraterMagni observes, the once-fringe idea the CIA killed Kennedy is now pretty much in the realms of conspiracy FACT, so…

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haha wouldn’t understand if I said :wink:

Are you telling me Nephilim don’t walk on the earth with us, have you not seen the newest season of supernatural :laughing:
I personally really like this one where the aliens are coming to save us Soon™ The gamma reptalonians are coming to free us, but with their FTL drives and Zero point energy it’s going to take them a while to get to earth. Yet they cannot send someone the schematics for either over telepathy, but communicating that they are on the way, can do.

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I honestly don’t see why people like Supernatural. It’s cheesy to me. That and an uncomfortable experience I had with a co-worker that relates to the show. Anyhow, I like the idea that aliens are going to save us as well. I just don’t see it happening on the grand scale. I see them slowly revealing themselves. And I do think that they would be a peaceful civilization. Any civ that can accomplish space travel to that degree would have to be peaceful as infighting would prevent them from developing the necessary tech.


Unless of course they used it to kill anyone who stood in their way, a lot of our technologuical leaps were motivated by warfare and defence. :smiley:


I have always been wary of time travelers and alien stuff, if they were ever on earth they would promptly be captured by some government tortured and have all their tech stolen. Then that nation would have all the power and take over the world with no problem.

“Oh you’re a time traveler/hop dimensions, give us your tech or else.” they then beat up rick take his portal gun and make a multidimensional empire.


Yeah but then they’d send their people back, and it would happen to them, and the next set of captors would send theirs back… I mean that would eventually affect the entire timeline except cavemen.

We’d end up with more or less consistant history. but a myth of a greater civilisation that existed, and a few anomalous archaeological finds… oh, wait! :laughing:

What if this time round, the man they sent back BECAME the government?

Before anyone loses what’s left of their minds, I don’t necessarily believe the timeline in that big image, but I do absolutely unironically believe in Kek because I was summoned to His presence before I’d even heard of Pepe beyond seeing the occasional sad frog cartoon on different websites, including non-political ones.

I posted about that meeting here and you can check the time stamp. :thumbsup:


all hail the meme lords of 4chan.

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