Where do the spirits go?

I just watched a mini documentary of a plane disappearance but a thought came in

Where do the spirits go to when they crushed into the sea/ocean?
DO they just stay there or they can go back to land?

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How do you mean: which Spirits are you talking about here?

Spirits of the people killed in the crash, I assume

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If that’s it, they just go where they are supposed to be if they die normal death, or death by other means.
Some souls will return back home that instant. Some just start crying… looking back at what they left in the material world. While some don’t bother, they just move on.
Some will be after reincarnating.

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they ascend to either the higher or lower planes, depending on their soul

After death people go where they think they will go. Death is what you expect/create it to be.

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It is all dependent on who exactly they were and not in the sense of the material world but on a multiverse scale. Some are bound to a specific place of memory that may have brought traumatic fear( like their death occurring over and over), could be a place of happiness, and others could have even been victim to one of us​:smiling_imp::joy: performing baneful and binding rites against them in which they’re energy is absorbed into self, or item/entity. It is very difficult to say exactly where or to be specific for any because even though they may possess the flesh of Enki and Blood Kingu, they still could be an energy from outside of the existence that we are familiar with(pertaining to the reality and multiverse we reside within).

WHOA…dying over and over again is 100% the worst thing anything could experience. I hope that no one will ever experience it…