Where do people come from?

Some say, that this planet is a prison, for all who “disobeyed cosmic laws”. :confused:

Odd enough, those are the same who wrote mocked books on “true physics” and the “Flugscheiben” of the 3. Reich.

People, who believe this or wrote about these things, usually come from families with
aryan certificates, and a family history of military service. (I even met people of that kind.)
Not necessarily nationalsocialists, but educated and spiritual.

~And theories, on how people have come from the north to india, and not the
other way around, is supported by the fact, that scientists found evidence for a once much warmer climate up there.


The idea that we might all be here as punishment is comforting to my sense of justice. People are born so untrained and moldable in whatever society they’re born into. We can create hell for ourselves with our minds and we don’t intrinsically know how to control that. Some argue that our upbringing causes us to tune out our natural intuition.

Then there’s the common idea that the Earth is a school - the Earth School. And that we’re here to evolve in some or many ways. In some direction or the other (thinking of LHP and RHP). Cause we’ve all heard that suffering is essential to growth. And I’ve also heard that apparently angels say moments of peace can bring about even greater growth spurts. I guess that’s if they’re done right and lessons are being learnt? Spiritual connections being made?


I came from a bad decision stemming from beer and southern comfort, conceived in a cemetery no less.

That’s where people come from.

P.S. I’m not kidding


This sounds heavily influenced by the “eternal damnation” ideas monotheistic religions drum into their followers to keep them in line.

That and one of the main points of magick is to use one “cosmic law” against another “cosmic law” to enact change and manifest change in reality as a creator and destroyer.

As pointed out in the kybolion we use law against law, the higher “laws” against the lower “laws”. If ya view it from this direction the sometimes legalistic precision needed in some rituals makes sense.

It is only from the point of view of the JCI and similar religions that humans gaining the power of “the gods” is seens as a thing to be punished for. :expressionless:


“Where do people come from?”

When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much…


XD you guys are too powerful, i can’t even slap your face without knowing that much worse will strike back… oh man

Wait, I’m too powerful? Dafuq? I mean I know I am pretty powerful, but enough to scare away you?
Also, my defenses generally don’t reflect shit unless it can’t be broken down and absorbed, so it would most likely just do nothing except make me stronger.

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i don’t know anything about my “defense”…it was either
the sigil on my door/the attackers incompetence or that entity within me, which blocked recents attacks. I got a little, tiny little sick - not dead, at least thats what the attacker wanted :confused: