Where do i go from here?

I have a quick question for all magicians here.
I’ve been petitioning spirits and it would be one hand full. I haven’t done full on evocations just yet. I’ve been a bit confused and lost with where to go from here? I don’t know what path or spirit i should work with next in order to ascend. I really want to grow as a magician and take full control over my destiny and life but i feel weak and discouraged.

I would really like to know where I should go from here and if anyone is willing to do a scanning or reading on me on what to do next that would be a big of help and I’d just go and continue working on that. Preferably which spirit in the goetia or any spirit you can pick on i have a connection to, to work with or what specific path would be the next step.

Ps i am a beginner just thought I’d put it out there.

Thanks in advance everyone!

Sometimes I don’t know what to do next :rofl: but ultimately I find something new or something old shines with new light

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I’d suggest taking serious stock of your “faults” and insecurities, and then find a spirit who excels at helping people with that issue. No one but you can tell you where to take your magic; it’s an entirely internal process.

My second suggestion would be to use magic to challenge yourself, but it will take a great deal of insight and self-honesty. (Unfortunately, this is where many fail.) If you can find that within you, you’ll become one helluva powerful magician.


Just a quick question… Would you suggest that shadow work would help with that?

I suggest you focus on spiritual sense development and kundalini rise, for now

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thank you. any links that you can post for me for that?

Yes, very definitely. I wouldn’t recommend attempting to raise the kundalini until you are more balanced. Doing so could result in even more problems.

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Why is that?

Imagine lifting weights while you are walking on a rope.One unbalanced moment and bye bye.Kundalini is most probably the most powerful energy source in ones body when awakened, and it usally strengten your qualities, good or bad.

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Can you elaborate more on that please?

sign me the fuck up

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As Littleshart said below, kundalini is an EXTREMELY powerful energy. Everyone has it, and in most people it’s dormant. Once it awakens, however, it cannot be put back to sleep! All sorts of upheavals in one’s life can happen, including serious health issues, IF one hasn’t yet balanced all their chakras beforehand.

There are many books on this subject. Look on Amazon. I highly recommend Gopi Krishna’s first book for anyone wanting to embark on this study.



:joy: :joy:

Thank you so much!

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