Where do I get 4.5 beats a second drumming for theta state

I read that if you drum 4.5 beats in a second it can aid the theta state. How do I get hold of a recording like that?


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This one is my favourite:

No extra nature sounds or music, just drumming, with optional opening and callback signals.

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Download the app: Atmosphere-Binaural therapy
It has beats for theta, astral travelling, opening the third eye.

Do you have a link to the article?

I tried that once… I got a huge headache and a lot of anger lol The shamanic drumming isn’t for me.

I read it from this forum

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Cool. Thanks. I’l see if I can make something like this. Could be interesting :nerd_face:

Thanks just downloaded it.

Which one is best for opening up a sigil?

and which one is best for the theta gamma sync?

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It is shown with names :blush:
One is for theta gamma sync, One is for astral travel , one for chanting and one for the third eye.
There are other categories too.