Where did you start?

Hey! :slight_smile:

I am wondering where all of you started out when getting into this type of stuff? Did you try out White Magick then switch to Dark? Did you start with Nature Magick? Maybe some Soul Travel?

I know it’s all about preference, but where would you - personally - suggest others should start here?


I started a long time ago with basic witchcraft. Wicca is a somwhat organised religion these days, but what I learned was how to make up my own spiritual system and rituals. I went along adding various things I learned and always kept to my self about it.
Now that I’ve opened up, I’m kinda shocked at how close my ideas are to those of people who have been studying the mysteries in more formal ways. BALG is teaching me how to connect with other magicians and use godnames to access energies that have been refined by others throughout human history.

My main advice to a new magician is believe in yourself. Somewhere in the planes, you are already the master. Learn to trust your intuition and move with confidence.


I started with Wicca very young and went back to Christianity. Finally abandoned it completely and dove into Strega, and Hoodoo. I always had a strange pull toward Lucifer and finally called him and voila. Everything made sense.


I think the question of where should you start is too difficult to answer.
Try browsing as many different topics as you can on here or in your local library/book store. Take note on things that peak your interest.
You might feel that it’s taking forever and there are too many cool things to learn but I promise if you give yourself a month you will be able to choose your favourite paths and start exploring.


I’ve started with dark mostly out of desperation. After the task at hand is completed, I’ll probably move to soul travel and psionics for soul searching and to unlock the abilities within myself that I’ve always wanted. Any evocation at that point will be solely for my own learning. For me, dark stuff is for desperation - a necessary evil, so to speak.


Started with candle magic and focusing my energy and intent.