Where did I came from

Well OK… Since im born into this world. I feel as if I’m placed here /taken a space where another person should be me.

Because I don’t feel as if I ever known anyone in this world… Its like 5 people are from group A… And me a person from group F… Im not sure… I’ve been too messed up or confused on who am I…

Prayed to Jesus… Talked to lucifer (like verbal and hope he listens) and maybe ghosts demons or angels or whatever

Its like a came from a far nicer peaceful world into this or… I don’t know tbh

Is there a newbie way on knowing who I am like not this body but in spirit

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Some would call this being a “walk-in” however, this could also be a natural part of growing into yourself as a person…however, to answer your question no there’s not a newbie way, but you can learn to scan which should be the first thing a newbie does before anything else in my opinion, scanning yourself leads to being able to soul dive yourself which a soul dive leads you to your soul landscape where what I call an inner temple exist that holds your past life memories, as well as a manifestation of what your soul is.

this is a example of a soul dive I did on myself.


I would call that dangerous territory for a noob as you have no way of actually verifying any info you receive. And there will be no shortage of people who will lead you along their own personal flights of fancy and you currently have no way of discerning who is right.


This👆. Don’t be so ready to assign a mystical cause for what is most likely a normal part of growing up.