Where did all vegetation come from?

As Easter day is at an end a question popped into my mind that I don’t see people talking about. Where did all of the plants and trees etc come from?

It goes without saying that they had to be here first to make the very air that we breath.

So how or who brought them here? And if it turns out to be a “who” maybe that’s why it never spoken about. :thinking:

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There’s this thing called evolution…
Then again, maybe aliens brought it or some shit, but :man_shrugging:t2:


Even evolution has to start from somewhere.

Then there’s this thing called books, you read about the theories about where life first came from.

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True. But right now I’m talking about plant life. And like I said unless I missed something it rarely spoke of. It’s easy to just say evolution and move on without deep discussion about the subject. It makes me think what are “they” hiding? What is it that" they" don’t want us to know?


Well, I don’t know. However, try evoking some plant spirits or nature spirits. They should know better than we can.


I’ll do that. Thanks. But until then if anyone else has an opinion please chime in.

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My limited understanding of plant life is that it evolved upon the Earth naturally, as soon as it cooled and enough water coalesced. Gaia does not need to have anything brought in from outside. She is perfectly capable of producing things Herself.


Plants are spirits, and spirits have always existed and will continue to do so…


Well all plants started with Alga and then boom evolution has done its fantastic job.
I do recomend all series with sir David attenborough that might answer some of those questions for you(:

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Thanks. I research it.