Where could I learn Native American Magick?

I am asking because I’m half Native American (I’m an Abenaki) and I want to get in touch with my Native American side more, and one of the things that I want to do is Native American magick. But I don’t know a reliable source to go to. Or what sources are trustworthy for learning Native America magick. So if anyone could help me I would be grateful.


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You’d have to look into the specific tribes beliefs and how it differed from sub tribes. Such as some tribes like Cherokee had sub tribes that splintered off when their main tribe got too large and even they formed their own ideals and practices. Because there’s no such thing as a general Native American magick.


My boy, don’t take this the wrong way but your posts are all over the place. I say that not to belittle you but to point out your lack of focus. Your topics are very varied looking back, which suggest your trying to figure out where you fit in.

If this is now something that you truly have an interest in you’ll do the research required and at some point a teacher will reach out to you.

How much research have you done on the tribe you are associated with?
Are you interested in the healing side or the darker side of shamanism, if I can call it that.

Maybe a ritual for guidance from your ancestors and immersing yourself in the culture and reading everything that you can as well as putting it in to practice.

In the few years that you have been practicing, what have you learned, what brought you to the place you are now. These questions are not for me to know the answer to, but for you to ask yourself.

Go deep and you will find you.


Totally agree with @Aprentiz here, gotta dig deep in yourself. Learn more about your history with the tribe, and some deep internal and eternal looks at your own spirit. And possibly, look into giving of yourself to a reservation or a tribal community, to learn more about the culture and heritage. Its taken me decades to figure out alot of my heritage in different tribes across the eastern half of north America, and that’s barely scratching the surface.

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Yeah, I kinda have that problem with focus, and yes my posts kinda are all over the place, so sorry about that. Your right, I am trying to find where I fit in, the demonalters I hang out with on a different site don’t talk to me. So I’m kinda just a floater…

@Ulunas, never apologize for being you :slight_smile:

I enjoy your posts and your contributions. I want to see you succeed “That’s All” and not get trapped in many paths the occult world offers.



Besides what’s already been said, which I agree with, for this specific thing you need to do it in person. Most tribes didn’t even have a specific thing we call magic. But rather multiple layers of spirituality and spiritual abilities. Your best, if not only, option would be to attend tribal gatherings and see what you can learn from the holy men and elders who still practice the their traditional faith. Which isn’t exactly easy either. I tried to walk that same road because of my Cherokee blood and just finding the right people can be nigh impossible.


Necromancy may be a good option. Learn from your ancestors rather than from mortal sources. Alternatively, you could seek intuitive guidance from the gods. Afraid I can’t offer much in the way of suggestions on specific Amerindian spirits, as the only one I work with is Coyote.


Especially when most of the tribe has converted to Christianity as seems to be the case with the Choctaw.


Yeah, most of my tribe in main is now Christian, so they don’t believe in their gods anymore.

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Ok, I’ll go look for some topics on necromancy.

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If you’d like some of my notes on native religion id be more than happy to share. :blush: also theres a rich history with south eastern death shamanism and shadow walking, if you’re open to some herbal hallucinogens (not everybody’s cup of sacred tea). I did alot of that in my younger days it helped open/illuminate some doors of change.

Please share your notes. PM then to me please

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My background is Mexican shamanism and it is very similar to native American shamanism. There are alot of religious overtones in both today it is very hard to find a pure form of it. But there are some out there most of the time it is when you’re from a bloodline that runs strong with the gift so you are identified at a young age and they nourish and grow your ability. You’d have to go to your tribe and look for a shaman or medicine man and make your plea to him that you wish to grow in your spiritual growth and the rest would be up to if he does or doesn’t . There are very few teachers in this type that are willing to help unless you’re a member of the tribe and can speak your native tounge. It is a healers path due to the fact they’ll be teaching you how to get rid of spirits and cure ailments with others. There is a dark side to it but finding someone who’ll even speak about it much less teach it is almost futile. Like I said alot of religious overtones but it can be done. I suggest you do go with necromancy and ask your ancestors for them to light a path to your ultimate goal. Hope I shined a little light on the situation for you.

I would try that, but I live on the west coast, and my tribe is in Maine.

I understand i wish you the best in your path

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Nothing wrong with being a floater. You could say the same about me.