Where can you buy the seals of Goetia in their respective metals?

Does anyone know where you can buy the seals of the Goetian demons in their retrospective metals?

It would be much appreciated, thank you.


Search on Etsy.
I got a Paimon necklace there.


Second Etsy.


Yeaahh. That’s not gonna happen. You can buy the seals but not in the described metals etc. You can get pendants of them but that is just going to be pewter or silver plated and maybe gold. Like jewelry. And only for the popular commonly called demons. I don’t even know if you can get all 72 there. I’d say look online but if you want to recreate them the way in the goetia you probably will have to get creative and make them yourself.

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I plan to expeiment with this a bit if i can find anymore stores that sell metal plates. Just found some copper and bronze sheets that can be shaped fairly easily at hobby lobby :japanese_ogre:


Yay Hobby Lobby! The best totally religous occult black magick supply store around!


They sell them on enochian.org but they are pricey. The woman who makes them Athena is legit. But you can just make your own sigils on parchment paper . Its all the same at the end of the day. I believe in the old grimoire traditions they put alot of expensive materials as requirements to keep those who couldn’t afford the materials from attempting the operations described in the book. Lack of funds and plenty of dogma\fear is what has kept many from the secrets for thousands of years.
All it really takes is fearless belief in what yoyre doing and whatever materials you can afford. I know plenty of folks who use the bare minimum in their daily practice and are just as powerful as the next man with thousands of dollars in fancy robes and wands and swords and daggers.


That would be part of it for some. For some it was and is there working praxis that works fine for them. Also in the case of casting the sigils in metal, that most likely would be due to better conductivity of energy than paper and the metal possibly aligning with the spirit.

While you dont necessarily need to go full ceremonial for evocation it does have it reasons. In the case of the tools made for enochian and solomonic rituals each tool take quite a bit of time and effort to make which has an effect on the subconious that facilitates the altered states one enters for evocation.

Instead of falling into trance through prolonged mediations the brain becomes trained to fall into the desired states of trance it as the ritual progresses. I’ve experienced this myself with the ceremonial evocation formula in black magick of arhiman and it still catches me off guard at times even though i get why it works. :laughing:

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