Where can I get good , laminated sigils that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

All the ones I see on eBay and Etsy are all like 20$ a piece


My handwriting is sloppy and I’m using small cards atm and sometimes they end up just sitting somewhere and get old. Not an intentional thing obv but I just want some quality sigils and don’t have a printer at home.

Why do I have to spend 20$ ? :sob:

Could you use clear wallets like people put in binders to keep pages clean?

In England, £1 shops usually have these, do you have cheap stores for $1 where you live?

Print sigils out online, cut them as small as you need them, then take them up to a local Staples or Office Depot that has laminating services. That’s what I’m going to do with all of my sigils and talismans.

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Hmmm google maps says I have one down the street from my house. Didn’t know.

If they’re only gonna charge 1$ for each print I may as well get all 72 or something just so I have them on hand in a special binder.

I don’t know how much they’ll charge to print a piece if they’re only a typical sheet size for each one.