Where can I find which spirits prefer which incenses?

The angel im looking for in particular is Raphael.

Are there any tables or anything with prefered incense or scents to specific spirits as payment or in their honour?


You can always just ask them, or look up their planetary or elemental associations in Liber 777 - I think it’s out of copyright, you should be able to find it online - and then go by that.

Did have a look through that before posting , but so much in there I didn’t know where to look , very hard book to read.

Thanks Eva,

Per 777… ( http://hermetic.com/crowley/libers/lib777/all.html )

(11) Archangel Raphael of the Sun (or Eastern Archangel) Galbanum.
(2)Angel of Briah Raphael, Musk.
(12) Geomantic Intelligence of Raphael, Mastic, White Sandal, [[Nutmeg]], Mace, Storax, all Fugative Odours.

Thanks Narius

Sandlewood has always worked well for me when working with Raphael.
I also use a sandlewood rub on colounge to annoint his sigil.

Also Raphael is fond of citrus.
Cut open a lemon on an altar dedicated to him or sprinkle the juice around the room or around the circle you use to evoke him.

Hope this helps.


I would also read though the Three Books Of Occult Philosophy. It goes into a lot of uber detail concerning the Planets (and by extension the spirits of those planets) and their corresponding incenses, plants, stones…etc.