Where can I find more about angels and demons?

If such a source exists or books about lore of angels and demons.

There are many, too many to be counted, the most popular one in the Western world is the Bible, it has the lore that almost everybody uses. If you want lore about specific angels, there is a encyclopedia of angels by Richard Webster, which I use. As Western demons come from a Jewish context and the stories have been influenced by Christianity, the modern LHP books can show you their lore in a more positive way, as other sources will probably show them as undesirable beings who always lose. However, I consider Hermetic Qabalah as a form of lore, which allows oneself to see everything from a non Jewish nor Christian perspective (Thelemic in my case), and it’s very comprehensive, if something is not there, you can add it following its rules


Read the Franz Bardon books .

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Which one in particular?

U mean rituals or historia., ? Hisyory chk kremerts guiliano. Angels and demons of love. Amazon. I tnk the book of raziel and azazel may help you. But if looking more history try gnotism stuff.

The Practice of Magickal Evocation.

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