Where am I residing within my vessel?

Me my spirit where am I residing?
I can move around and all but where am I at to be able to move around?
It’s pretty interesting to me


Mostly on the inside of your skin suit?

Your point of awareness is right there behind your eyes

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So all I’m doing is manipulating skin and bone to move around?
I fucking hate being trapped

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How am I seeing with 2 eyes? Do spirits have 2 eyes or do they just have 1 eye or did i change my form to have 2 eyes so I could see with 2 balls

Don’t overthink it. Just become aware of yourself as an observer who exists in the darkness behind your own eyes and see what your senses are actually telling you


In meditation, I managed to get into a point where I started thinking I am non-local quantum consciousness. Confined to this body for the time of the life. Yes the center is “right behind your eyes” but in meditation this starts to dissolve so one stops to be centered like this.

I didnt explore it that far though.

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Its the other way around. If you follow the model of there being multiple bodies, the physical body is the densest body in the center of your being, the metal body extends out beyond that, the emotional body beyond that, and the spirit is much larger beyond that.

It’s possible to retract the bodies in tight to help prevent them overlapping with other people’s energetic bodies when you’re uncomfortable, and different people have thier bodies naturally extend to different sizes.

There are also meditations where you can do things like expand to the size of the universe, or take one or more of these bodies elsewhere (astral projection in he case of the mental body).

So, you’re not ‘in’ your vessel really, as much as closely connected with it, and there are many connection points with the brain and nervous system being like a bioelectric interface between the physical body and the subtle layers. That works for me, anyway.

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I have a question, not to be rude or anything but you’ve been asking a lot of random questions for the past few days.

What do these questions do for you? by that I mean what contribution do they have to your current path?


Your vessel is like a finger. You do not reside in it but it is a part of you. It has its own thinking and discernment powers, but just because some thought and discernment comes from it does not mean you are within it.

Wait I thought the soul/essence was in the body??? So my essence/me is just connected to my body? Maybe like partially in, and partially out but attached?

some believe the soul/energy system is too big to reside in the physical body, personally I disagree.