When your visited

I’m very intuitive with the sports and the gods and goddess and I’m always being costed by them and holding conversations with them. Does this mean im doing something wrong.

I don’t understand the nature of your post, Your just too vague and 12 days ago you were asked to to do an intro, I’m yet to read it unless I missed it.
Welcome to the community but I am interested in knowing more about you and not what you want right out of the gate.



Im not good with intro but I’ll compose a better intro for y’all and give a full explanation


I’m Darkrose7591!
I’m 24!
I’m into candycane magic for 12 years now!
I hope to summon a candy cane suitable for the tastes of a gundam!

Something like that, but I could have missed something.

Lol I did one thank u lol

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I just noticed my phone changed what I said…

Ooo I’ma look for it! Thanks for coming to the forum!

My ex bf introduced me to this site i just want him back so bad