When your tarot reading is completely wrong

Why would a tarot reading give the complete opposite to the truth?

There was a local mind, body and soul fair on today, so I thought I’d go take a look. And it was free entry. Had a look around, and thought I’d get a tarot reading, especially as the readings weren’t too expensive.

But everything was the complete opposite to how things actually are.

She started by saying about how I was “full of energy” at the moment and how things were really going well for me. Nope, I have no energy right now, i’m in a total slump and things are definitely not going well! I don’t think I’ve ever been in a worse place mentally.

She talked about money. About how I had no problems with money and clearly had enough right now. Nope, I’m the poorest I’ve ever been. In debt. I really shouldn’t have been spending money on a reading!

Work… She talks of seeing me going abroad, lots of travel etc. I don’t even have a passport and I would never ever consider working abroad.

Then she starts talking about how she sees a young male, a boy, and looks at me like I should know who this is. I don’t know any boys. A few of my friends have sons but I don’t know any of them well. So she says, “aaah, maybe it’s a man but younger than you, and he’s important to you”. Ok, I think that could be someone I know. But she starts describing things about him (e.g. “emotionally mature”) and it’s the opposite of the person I was thinking of.

So I start thinking maybe she’s just making this up as she goes along. But she’s getting more and more surprised with every confused look and ‘no’ I’m giving her. And in the end she didn’t even make me pay! If she were a fraud I would have thought she would have demanded payment regardless.

Any ideas?


She may have been describing your future without realising it.


This reader sounds like a generic reader,someone who can’t channel or do anything beyond a simple celtic cross.
They will see you are a young girl and are probably interested in some young boy. The travel overseas is another generic thing too.
I went to one once to have fun and I could see her looking for a wedding ring or evidence of photos in my purse of kids or family to mention.
Get your own deck and get to know the cards and build feelings with them.


Sounds like a cold-reading con.


White-lighter maybe, totally jammed by you no longer submitting to their default pathway of “detach myself slowly and merge back to Source forever like a failed fetus being reabsorbed” and therefore the reading was totally opposite?


The cards that come up is half of it. The interpretation can only go so far based on the cards you get… Did you shuffle them with intention and were they cleared properly before she started or no? Or did you focus your energy on the cards while they were being shuffled with your question? If not that would do it - nothing of your energy in there to read.

If they weren’t cleared properly it could have been someone else’s reading, or as suggested, no real reading at all.

As far as interpretation goes, I’ve only done readings at fairs maybe twice out of curiosity, and both times for at least two of the cards I made different interpretations for myself that did work. I didn’t interrupt though I wanted to let them do their thing.


I hope so, because what she was describing was a lot better than the present!


She shuffled them for me. Not sure about whether they were cleared.

No, she didn’t say to do that, so I ended up sort of looking around aimlessly while she was shuffling them.

Oh ok. In this scenario and with that level of attention from the reader I don’t think that reading had anything of you in it, and I’m not sure she was doing anything more than laying out random cards and hoping you’d do the work of relating to them in a ‘you see what you want to see’ way - basic parlour trick style.

It’s not that you can’t do remote readings for someone who doesn’t know you’re divining for them, but in my amateur experience the question is going through the filter of the reader and will really be for them in regards to their connection with the subject. I’m sure more advanced Tarot readers can do more but that’s my limit, anyway.

In person, it’s generally done to at least have the subject focus on the cards with their question, which will get them to work accurately even over Skype. It doesn’t sound like she knew how to tune them in to you at all, so I don’t see how the cards were supposed to know about you let alone answer even a general ‘how’s it going?’ question.

Also if she was getting any kind of attunement and wasn’t clearing them, they probably had traces of every person she read with them since the last time they were cleared (if ever - she might not believe in them at this rate to do that). That’s a recipe for a randomness, too.


I do readings but I have to clear the energy so to speak between each reading. I also get exhausted when I do too many back to back. She night have had a bunch of other people’s energy swirling around so her readings got jumbled and that’s why yours was way off.


I think if I was in your shoes and this type of thing happened, I’d go and pay for a professional Tarot reading to verify or disprove - and that would clear the matter up. Orlee does them at reasonable prices and she’s very good.

I know this is kind of a reversed card reading vs not reading reversed cards, but for me it, doesn’t actually matter whether the cards appear upright or reversed, its like certain cards are “blocked” for me and always actually mean their reversed meaning and others are the cards that mean what they say and say what they mean. The fact she was so ridiculously off to me makes it seem like it has a certain element of that in it.
She could be as psychic as a brick and doing cold reading, but it doesn’t matter because the universe will say what it wants to say how it wants to say it.

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Like others have said, it could be that it was the reader’s interpretation of the cards that’s off, or that she’s reading another time in your life unknowingly.

I’ve been to many very well known ones in years and not a single one has come true! When you ask why they will tell you things like “ time frames are approximate, free will is a factor , or nothing is set on stone “ which basically means you make your future :joy: I’ve also notice if u go with a specific question like : will I marry this guy ? She tells me yes , but if I ask : who will I marry ? Then there’s a complete different answer ! I only get readings for fun no trust in it .

Tarot isn’t an exact science, you have to understand that, it only predicts the most plausible future. The thing is that generally, when you “know” the future, you try to change it at all costs, what makes the prediction is usually at least partially distorted, unless the person is not doing anything special or has done exactly what was going in the direction of reading.
This is what makes tarot cards a very controversial art, because the tarot reader has his own sensitivity, and the way the person for whom the reading is, will be different every time.

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Thats why when i asked with different tarot readers
So they have different answer and different predict