When your magick seems to work “all the time”

For those who can make almost all their magick manifest , how do you get to do it ? What is your mindset while performing magick ? Do you access magickal abilities from spirits ? What is your preferred type of magick and what do you think about when you’re performing a ritual/magick ? I’m trying to gather info for possible changes in my magickal abilities

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Practice, practice, practice :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes try a few times up to 7 .or 9 ties for spell.

Turn off tv and social media, seek knowledge, keep your vibration high, isolate yourself from others, stay close to nature and animals, mediate and stay focused.


Though the bitch is when they work all the time and then suddenly they don’t.

You’ve just gotta trust yourself sometimes. I mean here we are on a forum called “Become A Living God.” Are you?

I call on spirits, but not all the time. I put myself out there with my magick and do what feels right. I throw myself and reading all kinds of things and when it comes time for ritual it’s often important to take a step back from the “daily.” It’s important for you, your subconscious, to understand ritual (or whatever you call your magick settings) isn’t just another careless thought you’re throwing out. The mindset, the differentiation is important to a lot of people. Sure, there are “wishes” we think of and they manifest sometimes, but even then it’s a strength of intention. It’s pure desire and sometimes need. Meditate more, listen to your guides more. Take a step back from heavy foods and other people before ritual too. Be your own god, don’t let others influence you too much or that’s where your thoughts will be. Take good notes and learn from your past.


I agree with @Forwardfacing. For three days in a row, I cast a particular spell that didn’t work until the third time around.

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I personally think it’s got to do with alignments, possibly energy levels or even ambient energies, that can cause it to happen @Schattenmond if not all of the above.


I definitely agree it is hard to remain positive and trudge through the times of monotony or negative events. Just gotta never give up I guess

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