When you give remote orgasm

Hi, as a woman it is not difficult to give a man remote orgasm, i was wondering if you can give others men sperms or orgasm to demon as an offering? I am 27 yeara old and still virgin so I do not like to get close with people. I practice vampirism for a long time i choose capture energies into crystals and place them into my demons altar but sometimes i choose to give remote orgasm

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I’m not sure. and I’ve never had a remote orgasm. So, if you give me one. You have my permission to use it as an offering if you desire.

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I should think you’d need their knowing consent, otherwise it’s more or less rape.


I imagine one could, especially if they sent the intended daemon, that the sacrifice was meant for, as a succubus. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find a willing male, especially if they are have daemon lovers. The sex forums should be opportune place to find willing occultists.