When you first called on Lilith or Na'amah

Did either one initiate any sexual advances?

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Yes and no.

When I first contacted Lady Lilith via petition letter (not for a succubus/incubus either) she actually came to me and fully manifested . (I wasn’t expecting her) She did touch me alittle, but when I communicated I was uncomfortable she stopped. She did get in bed with me and surrounded me with her energy (to comfort I suspect). That night I had an interesting dream that I suspect was a message from her.

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I had a very brief experience with both. Naamah was very sexual but didn’t do anything. Lilith on the other hand was even more sexual and almost gave me a full body orgasm. I was also feeling like two horns were coming out of my forehead. I should also mention that I never tried to summon either. They both came to me on their own in different situations and have not heard of them since.

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Yeah, Lilith has shown up to me when I haven’t expected it a couple of times. Either her or someone else did something to my left foot. Which led to a full body orgasm/euphoria.

She/they energetically pumped warm/hot energy on my left foot until it surged up my leg and into my entire body causing the orgasm. Only happened once.

She also did something odd by kissing me.

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We had sex pretty fast.

First time calling Lilith, I was graced with her climbing on top of me and laying on me in the bed. Energetic ecstasy after that.
Fell in love instantly.

I did call upon Lilith once and no there where no sexual advances on Her behalf. I only called her once because, while I could call Her, I felt the time was not right for us to get to know eachother.
But She is very powerful indeed and I look forward to the time (it it ever comes) to work with Her in the future.

Not sexual, but sensual, yes. A cross between a lover and a mother in the way that she kissed me on the forehead and interacted with me. My dog was asleep, then suddenly hopped up and started going crazy as if she wanted to play. I’ve got a feeling that my dog and Lilith like each other.

I’ve read from another user that she wanted to pet their cat, so she seems fond of animals.

Nothing outright sexual to report, though.

Sometimes I get a feeling that she wants to watch my boyfriend and I have sex as a way to experience my world, and I’ll become hypersexual and a lot more sexually dominant and aggressive by taking the lead. I’m not sure if she was simply watching or if she actually invoked me, but the latter seems more likely for a few of the times because I felt totally different than usual.

That’s as close to sexual that we’ve gotten.

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Nope. I had an OBE and we first pranced through the underbelly of Earth and their realm, which was pretty icky but they told me to have no fear or else I’d be sent back to my body. Then we literally went flying into the night like puritan witches, which was pretty amazing and freeing. They were showing me how the night moved, what it was like to be a “female” free of the constraints of society, and I felt like I owned the night and like one of the primal forces that birthed everything belonging to the realms of night. It was a side of Lilith/Na’amah I don’t hear much about. But then I was shoved back into my body by some other entity that screamed at me and removed me from Lilith and Na’amah. They tried getting me back but then the entity stood guard and told them “nope”. Weird. And I did miss that feeling of pure freedom.

After that I decided not to go any further because eh. I thanked them for the experience and went on my merry way.

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