When you encounter another Black Magician on the Astral


Hello, BRotHEr.
May I have some of those OATS you have there?

Black Magician:
I’m sorry brother, but these are my only OATS I have.

I see. Brother, I am very hungry and I must procure those OATS you have.

Black Magician:
You will have to Kill me first, brother.

shifts into a higher form

Black magician:
I too have a higher form brother. Do you really think that I have no secret techniques as well?

shifts into Godform

I have seen that form before, bROtHeR.

shifts into ultra form
(Notice the Dick measuring contest going on)

I have become a Deity so large it can not fit in this physical universe. You are outnumbered, brother.

Black Magician:
You are right, brother. I am outnumbered.

So, may I procure some of your OATS you have there brother?

Black Magician:
No, brother these are all the OATS I have.

Destruction Intensifies



Lol nice joke!


The hell I just read !? :joy:



Lol, If u really find such a cute black magician, send him to me. Last one I encountered with almost gave me a Heart attack!!! ( No Kidding )


Tmw @Micah is watching too much Japanese anime.