"When You Do Weird Shit, Weird Shit Happens"

Interesting experience in the wee hours of the morning.

I went to bed around 11pm last night and looked forward to a full night of sleep. No early morning rites or evocations planned.

As I was laying on my stomach, I heard this loud “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” sound and felt this huge energy bomb hit my aura across my back.

It literally felt like a kid ran and cannonballed into a pool. And I was the pool. lol

I snapped wide awake and look around like “WTF just happened?”

I looked over at the clock. It was exactly 1:11 am.

So I turned over on my back and talked out loud. “Well, I definitely heard that.” My ears were still ringing from the massive shockwave of energy hitting my aura.

“Ok, so which one of your jokers did that?”

No answer. I started reaching out to them, one by one.

“Was it you?” Laughter. “No.”

“You?” More laughter. “Not me.”

After a couple of misses, I just relaxed and cleared my mind.

“Sastan” popped into my head, so I reached out to Sastan and said “Oh, it was you, huh?” He just laughed and said “Got me.” lol

I thanked him for helping me work on my clairaudience.

And then I started feeling a lot of energy entering my forehead. I was just like “awwwww” and relaxed into it. It was almost like a brain massage. It felt really good. lol

That continued for another 30 minutes and I thanked Sastan for helping me again. And then I told him “But no more funny business tonight.” I heard his laughter in my mind as I fell asleep.

“When you do weird shit, weird shit happens.”
– Lady Eva


So he basically ballistic charged into you like breaching a loose door while other spirits stood aside watching for a laugh? LOL


Obviously it was a pool party I didn’t know I was invited to … well, since I was the pool and all. lol

This is what happens when you give the gods and goddesses too many offerings of wine. lmao


Haha, There’s no such thing as too much wine !

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Uh oh, Aluriel is invoking Bacchus and Dionysus again! Talk about two-fisted drinking! lol


Haha What can I say, I love a good drunken revelry :slight_smile: