When would be best to make my offering?

I was working with Phenix using the methods from Demons of Magick to improve the fluency of my speech. I had asked him before to alter my speech for around a week, and upon liking the results, I asked him the affect a similar change for the month of January. For the first nine or ten days, I noticed the results quite strongly. However, I am no longer noticing much effects on my speech. I am however, aware of the possibility that I am used to effects and so no longer really notice them.

In the book I am working with, it says to reward the demon if you get any result, even if it wasn’t quite what you asked for. So should I give the demon an offering before the month is over, and assume that I asked for the magic to work for to long? Or is it better to wait until the end of the month, and then reward the demon?

I know this is kind of weird convoluted question, but I want to make sure I reward the demon for their work, but also not cut off the magic or seem hasty.


I feel like there’s an assumption here.

If you do give the offering, I’d see it as being like an advance.

Personally I’d wait til the allotted time is up first.

(Unless you feel like to youve reached a satisfactory result before then)


Sometimes I give in the ritual and sometimes I wait til everything’s been done how I want. Sometimes I’ll say 3 days after ritual or the next night or give a date. Sometimes, I don’t give offerings.

Depends on what you want, and if the spirit has requested anything. Since you didn’t pre-negotiate with the spirit, why not just wait til the end of the month and say thanks? Or you can do it now and say thanks for the work, looking forward to more. Whatever you’re most comfortable with. I don’t think it matters much.

I don’t think that the magick will end because you give an offering before the end of the month. I think it’s just to show the spirit their appreciated or maybe if you believe in a system where you reward ‘good behavior’ or think you have to give because they are.


It depends on your relation to the spirit. If it is acting as a guide, no offering will be required. Instead, you most likely will act as its guide in any incarnation it experiences.



You don’t need any offering.

If you feel called to make one, then do it from the heart, in which case you will already know what you want to give, otherwise I think it’s best not to fake it.


If it is or will become a Patron, yes. I usually set some offering of some kind as a token of respect for rank.

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However, the least rank was one of my first, so I won’t forget him even if it seems I did. I’ve just been struggling. I may create 3-5 altars, one or two already selected for patron and the least rank.

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