When will I be ready to work with demons?

I’ve been reading on the 72 demons and how to prepare for them but is there something I must do before summoning them? this is my first time practicing magick.

My advice to you pick one that seems to be calling you and do all your background work on that one. Just be respectful and try to leave your ego out of it and you should be just fine.


was wondering if I needed to do energy work or something along those lines before summoning.

Are you able to hold thought silence?

No you don’t but meditation is good to do that way when you do your summoning you can quiet your mind and listen.


Only thing I suggest doing before is working on your clairs so you can perceive them properly, maybe also learn to scan energies. That way you don’t fall for the usual newbie trap when an entity or something fake claims to be something it’s not to use you to gain power from.


@Velenos okay once i’ve learned to do that. should i sage after the ritual?

i would need to practice more on my meditation

I think, magical Authority (like Bardon tells us about) is related to mental abilities we exercise in meditation. What magical Authority accounts for, too…? I don’t know. Maybe psychic abilities learnable from Spirits and the kind of living ones life.

I normally do the MIddle Pillar Ritual before doing any kind of Magick in a day (including evocations). That helps rev up your energy in general.

Also, others have far more evocation experience than I, but I believe much of it comes down to your own willingness to be okay with talking to a spirit. Many times, people get stuck at the point of doing everything up to but then not actually doing the evocation because of initial fears or nervousness. I think it can feel scary for some initially because of Hollywood movies’ portrayal of spirits as only malevolent forces. Think of them more like a business partner or teacher and it can perhaps help your mindset going in. Are you using the GoM version of DOM or are you using a different Goetia text?

I’m using the version of Demon Magick from what I read of Gordon Winterfield

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That’s an excellent one. I am using that book along with evocation methods of E.A. Koetting/@Lady_Eva in most of my evocations these days.

I wanna work with Bune for necro but I’m not a medium so I’ll do Sallos first.

Lucifer is a good for a beginner, I just started out working with demons. He’s pretty forgiving, and is understanding. But the real thing is, do you feel ready? As long as you have the confidence and believe you can do it, then you can do it. I’m confident that you can do it, so prove it to yourself, that’s the biggest part.

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Would I need to have my clairaudience in check before summoning Lucifer?

I feel like I can build the confidence to speak to spirits. I’ve done ouija boards before but I don’t know if that counts.

It would be advised to work on whatever clairs you can/want to so you can better perceive the entity you evoke.

I have some of my clairs activated already but I can work on strengthening them.