When to invoke a gatekeeper?

Does anybody know when it,s the best time to summon a gatekeeper?I have for weeks dreams about them.I see sigils and they say thing to me,but when i wake up it,s gone only there name and Sigil i remember.i think my mind it,s blocked. What can i do?i have invocate them but i get now answer only the next days i had a fever.

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before invokig i suggest you learning these basic skills if your a beginner

  • Meditation
  • How Invoke
  • Energy work like cleansing

if you can do these i see no other reason to just go for it but be prepared for massive changes.



Follow @Xag_darklight advice
Call their name
Picture their sigil doesn’t have to perfect.
Travel through it.
Ask them what messages they have
Or ask them to open your mind so you remember their teachings.
Might not be words could be just images.
Allow whatever happens to happen
Do it as much as you need to.