When to burn a sigil

I know this has been asked so many times but it seems to go back and forth so I would like some clarification for myself. I have recently done sigil magick, my request has come true so after my request was granted I burned King Paimon’s sigil and thanked him for his help…

My question is this: I would like a continuous relationship with him and to continue learning from him (and others as well) so how do I go about this? I know through evocation communication is possible, but evocation along with using sigils seems to work best.

Should I keep a separate sigil for evocations that I do not burn, and then for each time I perform sigil magick burn a different one after the petition has been granted? Or can I use the same sigil over and over for evocations and for sigil magick?

Basically how do I keep the relationship going? I don’t want to only call on them when I need/want something, I want the relationship to be ongoing in general. I know there are a lot of similar questions on this so thanks for the advice.

If you want to forge a relationship with the mighty king, then I suggest making a permanent copy of his sigil. Engrave it onto wood, or metal, or make a large sigil on paper and put it into a picture frame for your altar, or hang it on the wall above it. That way you will create a permanent connection to King Paimon, and you can make offerings to him.

I only burn sigils after results. I call upon a lot of different spirits but do not have a relationship with any so don’t have any truly permanent sigils (unless you count those on my BALG t-shirts). However, I do not burn the sigils of the spirits i call upon for knowledge, only those I have set upon tasks in the physical world.

In my opinion, if you want to keep communication with the spirit open, then don’t burn the sigil. You are supposed to burn the sigil to close the energetic connection because, once the task is completed, you don’t want the excess energy flowing into your life without purpose as that can cause problems.


Awesome thank you.

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You’re welcome. I hope it was helpful :slight_smile: