When thugs cry

Nice one.

Practical magick at its best!

Thanks for posting. :wink:

Very nice brother!! In all actuality who cares what happened to them!? You can sleep now! :slight_smile:

Congrats. I love the dead <3

That’s very true Eye, that’s the reason working with one’s ancestors can be such a powerful experience. The dead are closer to our plane than other spirits and operate very effectively.

Out of curiosity did you collect dirt from the dead or another item or did you petition them by the LWA?

Nice work. I plan on working with the dead soon.

Yeah, but my interest in it is growing. That’s why I PMed you and sent you the PDF, btw, did you get it?

Handled like a boss.
Good job bro.

[quote=“The Eye”]Yup but still outside Home

Will get back Home later[/quote]

Ok, great. I look forward to what you have to say about it.

Sure. I’m starting to feel disillusioned with GT and the European magics I’ve been studying and practicing for the past 10 years. I feel so…incomplete. So I’ve decided to start studying the practices of my ancestors (Africans, being that I’m African American) and within most ATRs/ADRs, necromancy is a central focus.

I’m quite shocked ! You were recommending so warmly GT in WF and seemed so happy about it ! What happened ??

nb : I’ll tell you about the book[/quote]

I’ll always recommend GT. I just feel the need to practice other systems. There’s nothing wrong with GT. But with all the African systems out there I feel like I shouldn’t limit myself.

[quote=“The Eye”]What ? You dont wanna evoke ATR spirits using the GT Tradition ?

Lol no way. I actually like living and breathing! Haha