When things don’t look in your favor how do you eliminate doubt?

I asked a spirit to help me get a specific job. Not only will I not be underpaid and treated like dirt anymore but I’ll also have a branch to transfer to when I move out of state.

Thing is I actually know someone who works there who I’ve worked with in a management position but even with that said I still have to go through a temp agency.

I’m really weary of temp agencies but I’ve only worked for one and that was at a shipyard that’s known for laying people off indefinitely so I wasn’t shocked when I was let go after a month.

This is different because I have expierence in my field but the thought of being a temp is very off putting.

How do you overcome doubt ? Some people say when things aren’t in your favor it’s impossible to achieve them. If that’s true then what’s the point of magick ?

I really need this job and my will is very strong and I don’t doubt the power of my selected entity but idk. I didnt know I had to be a temp for atleast 3 months.


I’d use a banishing. Visualise what your doubts and fears look like. See them with your mind’s eye - then blast those fuckers to the four corners. Perform repeatedly until reprogrammed.



I push through. I remember all the times I backed down and use it as a drive I guess.