When the results come before you begin your work

I saw this discussed already in a thread somewhere, but I couldn’t for the life of me find that thread again. It wasn’t my intention to bring up something that was already discussed, but life’s funny sometimes.

This thread is about those times when the results manifest before the magic is done. The cart manifesting before the horse. I know it’s happened to you before. It’s when you mean to cast a healing spell on your friend, and they get better before you even begin. Or your enemy crashes their car into a tree exactly as you wanted - except that you hadn’t gotten around to casting that curse yet. Or that money you wanted comes to you before you can finish saying, “O [great wealth god X], please hear my request.”

One theory offered was that because spirits don’t work under the concept of time as we know it, their influence may often manifest out of otherwise reasonably chronological order.

When could we be sure that this was the case?

How can we be certain that life was or wasn’t going to play out the way it would anyway, whether or not we intervened with magic?

I want to believe that I had something to do with it - but how can I know that I’m not reading what I want to read into it?

Sometimes there is no way of actually knowing, unless you do a reading or ask the spirits that had something to do with it. However, you need to consider patterns. You think it should have gone XYZ, but instead it went ZXY. Its different to how you imagined it, and the results came before you did your ritual, but don’t forgot about X, Y and Z, three different elements or aspects of the whole. Just because they didn’t go in the linear order your brain says they should have does not mean you ignore any one of those elements. They have to all be present for the result to happen, and so you need to complete the ritual regardless.

The one reason is time is lateral, the other is that the spirits needed a certain amount of energy to complete the task, and your ritual is what provided that. If you leave it out, then they will have to take it from somewhere else and that might not be a place you would wish for.

Its always fun trying to explain lateral time in words. One example is to hold a ruler (think you may call them rules, the long stick thing you use to measure inches and centimeters). Look at it face on and you see the divisions of measurement. These are divisions of time, 1 hour, 1 day, whatever and you can read them one next to the other in progression, that is linear time, that which we need our brains to read in order to cope. Now, turn one small end away from you and look down the length of the rule. The lines of the divisions merge and they become one line (will have to use a bit of imagination here, but I think you know what I mean). That is lateral time. All divisions of time happening at the same moment.

Was it possibly this thread?


I love the ruler analogy. This really helped me grasp the concept. Thanks a ton.

That’s the thread!

I should have known it was one of yours.

It just happened to me again yesterday. I was thinking was damn I want some extra cash, because all of my money is going towards building my home so I’m really trying to cut back on frivolous spending by leaving myself with little cash and putting the bulk of my earnings into my savings. But just when I was thinking man I want money because I want some Dove mint chocolate candies LOL, not 2 minutes later my dad comes home with a Hallmark card for me and it was from the lady that I filmed the baptism for. She gave me $20 as a thank you. So I just went to the store and got me my mint chocolate I’ve been craving.