When started to read this forum my mind broke

When started reading forum first impression was that everything in this forum was bullshit but kept a open mind and started reading the forum. I was gather info it wasn’t until I stumbled Lucifer and other demons that my mind broke
It felt my head exploded with all these questions about what I believed in. after my mind calm a bit I felt like something was call out to me. I don’t really act on these feeling because I felt weak and vulnerable my energy felt very low so I wasn’t going bite. I went to work the same day then I started get slight headaches felt physical fatigue sometimes energy would erupt to the point where hard to think then just crash making feel weak.

When I got home I went straight too bed, 2 hour in my body overheating and there a strong presence in my room don’t try to talk to it just want to go to bed it stay most of the night resulting in a shit morning.

The calling didn’t stop and could sense more thing watching waiting for to make decision. This lasted 3-4 days I think on two occasions somebody tried pull me out body but I have irrational fear of this due to a evil spirit tormenting me, so acted like a fish out water making so that couldn’t leave me body.it was on the last day of the ordeal that I read a post about Jesus and angels that made smile and with this all fear about had spirit had disappeared so did the calling and the spirits that I felt. after all of this my curiosity was peaked and ready to set out on spiritual journey. I’m still kind noob when comes to magick but I’m learning but its slow sorry for long post but had to get this off my chest.


Spirits will often use any slender gateway to make contact, because seeing them and being able to travel in spirit realms and affect reality with our thoughts is our birthright.

You might find this interesting:


Magic is quite real. This was a warning from Lucifer (Bael) that you should not transgress, probably with baneful castings. Since you are new start with basics, first request knowledge and more will follow. Its like someone who is starting basic math trying to accomplish advanced calculus it won’t work and it could come back to harm.


Thank for the information and for listening.


Thank for the interpretation I will keep that in mind when moving forward with magick.many blessings.

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I had this exact experience last night and also for the past 3-4 days.

I used to have these experiences a lot more frequently when I was living with my parents 5 years ago, but that was before I practiced magick.

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