When Pomba Gira comes to you

When Pomba Gira comes to you…And you don’t even realize it.

Long story but I’ll keep it as brief as possible. I’m currently staying in a safe house 2600 miles from home, due to fleeing domestic violence. I totaled my truck along the way, rolled three times and miraculously I’m quite alright.

Due to the loss of my truck, my best friend, who lives in Canada and that I’ve developed an emotional attachment to drive thirteen hours to get me and help me get to where I am.

We spent two nights together, but just before we got to my destination we had a silly conversation about a game we play together and he withdrew completly stating that we wouldn’t jive long term based on this short conversation. Bummer, really everything else was amazing.

My second day here I went to the river with one of my room mates. We walked along the edge and picked up a few special feeling stones. I kept hearing keep going so I did. I found a mans wedding ring I was certain was for my new friend Amy. I gave it to her and asked what it meant. She declined knowing but I said no I’m pretty sure you do. Later she told me.

I kept walking and then heard a funny sound from below the water. I knelt to locate it- a piece of glass moving against two rocks with each wave. My eyes were drawn to a gray rock with bright white lines crossing it. I picked it and brought it with my other trinkets. Feeling that I had found all I was supposed to on this day.

When we return to the house I laid out my rocks and two stood out to me. The cross roads rock from the river and one that seemed to say the end to me. None of the rest really felt like they belonged.

Since I’ve been carrying this cross roads rock in my pocket. I keep thinking I’m at the crossroads. Things are about to happen. Now I wanted to do a special ritual last night, despite not being able to use candles and stuff and planned that reconciliation with my best friend was the primary thing to address as well as cutting spiritual ties to the man I’ve fled across the country from.

I knew what I wanted to do cord cutting wise, but was somewhat uncertain about the ritual to complete for my best friend/ lover w.e he isn’t atm. Until I logged these forums and clicked a link.

The first name I saw was pomba gira. Wow I’ve read over this a few times in the past but the cross roads rock just seemed to click with the name and I knew what I was doing.

So I called to her. I cried to her. I told her all about it. I gave a small offering and followed through the prayer.

When I was done I used my pendulum to confirm she was there and that she had agreed to what I asked.

Wow is all I can say.

Pomba Gira is amazing. I love her. I did something similar, calling to her and sharing my pain with her. I also started leaving her gifts and flowers just because I felt so grateful for her. She is so down to earth :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

She definitely began affecting me and my behavior. I think I invoked her without even realizing it. Her energy is very fiery so keep an eye on your temper if you have one. I have one and it got me into trouble, lol. :exploding_head: you’ll also attract men a lot more! This was not what I asked for but she is a strong spirit! She loves to dance too!

I had to let go because I couldn’t tolerate the physical symptoms after a while. But I still think she is awesome!


Interesting had a dream where one of the spirits of Pomba gira was named Evea Maria. Can’t find anything related on google however.