When people

Find out you’re a magician and ask you not to curse them, that’s like me going up to a gun owner and saying don’t shoot me


People gonna people :man_shrugging:t2:


I have experienced the latter but not the former.

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I’m saying it’s kindof insulting. That’s like saying I want to hurt people. I study out of the sheer love for it.

People don’t learn martial arts to hurt people.

People don’t buy guns to shoot people.

People don’t learn about diseases to infect people.

Just because you CAN hurt people doesn’t mean you’ll do that.

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except there’s laws against shooting people and you have to be near by. I think the way the average person can’t see magic coming is what frightens them: there’s no hiding from channeled will.

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But you always struck me as the hurtful kind!


One can say the same about money, deception, and social influence.

At least magick usually comes with some moral or ethical teachings

People literally do all those things. Certainly not the vast majority, but they sure do.

This one guy thinks I hexed him after I did a tarot reading for him that predicted a family member dying (his aunt died 2 weeks after my reading).

I’ve tried to explain that I just predicted the future, and that I didn’t cause it, but he was spooked.

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