When people die do they go to places they believe?

So for example a christian goes to heaven or hell.

If a christian believes they are doing gods work by converting people then they go to heaven?

Hindus believe in reincarnation so they become reincarnated depending on their karma?

A muslim believing in and converting people goes to heaven with 72 virgins?

A muslim told that if he kills non muslims in some suicide attack he will go to heaven with 72 virgins?

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Seriously there is a straight answer to this, which is NO.

If it’s straight to hell,where they get punished daily how come spiritism exist? So when we summon the dead, the dead quickly ask for permission to answer us from the punishing them?

I had an experience few years back. This old woman died and was buried close to my house. Her grave is not so far from my window.

I always see her every midnight sitting on the grave, as if in deep thinking. Then she will sigh. Continue watching… then deeo sigh again. Even in the day time she is there, especially evening time.

Now I was thinking, “Christians! Where is your prophecy?! So she is bigger than heaven and hell or what?”

So yea, I don’t believe whatever you believe is what you will get after death. But after death another reality awaits us.


Everyone say different things about deaths. I feel like after death our memory wipes and then roam about for a while before going into some new being probably a baby or so. But maybe the spirits are still somewhere out there which makes it possible for the living to summon the dead occasionally. But then again if there are angels and there are demons then there is a heaven and there is a hell :sleepy:

For the moment, i support EA’s views on this:

Basically, what he says is that whatever that person strongly believed when they were alive, is what they will be led towards when they die. So yeah, when a christian dies, they will see heaven. When Hindu’s die, they see their version of the afterlife…and the list goes on. He argues that while alive, you put out there a certain resonance that pulls you in one direction or another after death by default if you are not an occultist with experience traversing these worlds. Now, the reason why I agree with EA for the moment being is because it seems like the science supports this view as well. Some time ago, i was reading a study done on the near death experiences of different people from different religious groups…and what they found was that Christians would see the Christian version of the afterlife, Muslims saw their version, etc etc. Unfortunately, I’ve been struggling to find the study this morning so I could link it for you here, but for the moment, this is what I believe. Being an occultist though, depending on your level of experience…you will have far more freedom to pursue your own path after death, including jumping back into a new body through a reincarnation experience


I concur with this for the moment. I think whatever we align our vibrations with or whatever matches our frequency is what we attune to after death. Sort of the same way we build our own reality.

Therefore every religion could be looked at like a current of a river, or even a river itself. Then they’re all leading back to a lake witch could be looked at like “source” or “god” or whatever you want it to. The question is what’s your current. What’s your medicine.

Mabye we become aware of what we choose to become aware of after death and everything exists depending on our path of enlightenment.

Everything is medicine and everything is poison, it just depends on your unique expression and how it interacts with them. :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

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It depends how strong you are in spirirt and how awakened.

The default is that you are controlled by an external system, get shown whatever you need to agree to stay, or you are forced, you get a memory wipe and reincarnate. Karma is a human fabrication to justify castes, it doesn’t matter at all in this system. The muslim thing is also humans playing games on other humans. These are lies.

Get stronger and aware you can choose your own way. That way might be a self created fantasy, a shared fantasy like “heaven” or “hell”, of which there are many corners of the astral playing out many versions, or there is much more to do. You could incarnate as a lot of different sentient beings, some that live for thousands of years, you could carry on ascending, you could become an ascended master, or something even less defined than that.

You might find you start remembering old relationships that are still relevant and want to revisit those. Just places in the astral will get boring after a while, particularly for Earth humans who are very used to an incredibly varied and creative environment.

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it’s mean she is punish? Have you thought of going down and talking to her?

I already did

As a christian, all I can say is we’ll know for sure where we go and what happens when we eventually die. Before that, it’s all speculation, my friend.

@getto No, you didn’t. I asked you for some more information because what you provided in your introduction doesn’t really tell us anything about you or your experience, but you haven’t answered yet. Please do so.

If ya find it, drop me the link please. There is someone I’d love to share it with :grin:

I also share this view, based on my experience with the dead.

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Sure thing :+1:

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Yeah I hear this a lot but I really disagree with it. Perhaps it is possible if one is particularly close with a system or its entities that the mind can be swiped and taken to their “place of residence” after death, but it seems unlikely that happens also.

Source: I am a practicing psychopomp.