When Light Goes Dark

When she goes directly from the Gate of Beliel to the very last gate, without going slowly into the depths of darkness. I’ve already seen HELL on Earth.

That’s insanity. But, I will not let anything possess me.

2005 - YOU took the one thing I had from me. I was the one yelled. I’m the one who received the blame. I was the one SUSPENDED from my church. No means no.

2006 - YOU brought weight gain. Endless supply of doubts. Hospitalization. Anger. Greed. You brought insanity as I constantly fought with my Mom between the light and the dark. The right and wrong.

2007-2013 - YOU brought change. You brought happiness.

2014 - YOU took her. You tore up a family. My own flesh and blood yelled at me.

2015 - YOU brought women into my life. BUT I wasn’t ready to go back to my people. I did it out of duty.

2016-2017 - You BROUGHT him. A person from my people, the dark haired man who dealt with the dead as his line of work. That conversation about dating. I said, “Sam really is only the decent person to date.” He said: "What about me?’ I stated: “You’re married. It’s different.” He said: “I’m trying to get rid of her.”

WESTERN WINDS: I want this memory burned in the fire.

2018 - YOU brought adjustments. YOU brought tears.

2019 - You BROUGHT sleep.

I trust no one. Except myself. My earthly Father. And my Uncle’s. These are my Elders. I am theirs. And theirs alone. Just because I walk into Hell, doesn’t mean I belong to Hell.

Lyrics: On the wings of your love, means MY love.

I fly on the wings of my own love. No one else. And now it’s done. I love no one, except those who held the bird.

Who I am: From the House of Joseph, the one sold into Egypt. I take back my money. I give back my soul to myself.

There is one who is blocked while I transcend into the dark. I don’t come to you, you come to me. You’re blocked, because I don’t want your influence. I’m not a whore. I’m my own whore.

I’ll walk straight through the last gate with furry, because this bitch isn’t scared.

Wednesday. It has been spoken.


Wow, that was extremely powerful girl! Made me tingle just reading it :slight_smile:

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