When its too much

All right. As of late I have learned that in general, people can’t handle my full blown higher self. When I call down the fullness of me, both light and dark sides intermingles in a perfect, intelligent and cohesive harmony, that people do not understand what this is, nor do they know better than to leave well enough alone. Recently I tried to enter into the dating scene again… Boy was that a joke. I… Tried. And when I unveiled this, they decided it was time to lol ‘free’ me from this thing that could only be demonic in origin. Of course this was a big fucking nono. And this was a magick-oriented person! So I guess my query for this thread is simple… When is it ‘too much’? When should we hide our personal magicks and when should another simply respect ours?


The few people I have interacted with, on a magickal level, reacted the same way towards me. This particular couple would try to force their beliefs, spirits, and opinions on me.

They pretended they were open to my embracing of demons, but later, they would try to steer me away from the demons and express their “concerns”. Then, they had the nerve to recommend the spirits they work with because they are “better”. This escalated to them trying to provoke the demons I work with and the female of the two got injured in the process. That’s what you get when you disrespect demons. I do not tolerate manipulation, so I quickly removed them from my life once they disrespected my boundaries.

After that experience, I am leery to share my magickal life with anyone in person. As my experiences have taught me, respect is a fleeting notion these days.


I am kinda in the same boat. Even some magical folks find this side of things to be too much. I think it boils down to fear of the unknown. Or the lack of it being fluffy bunny magic.

I really don’t have a good answer other than I think if people don’t accept me for who I am then I don’t need to be with them. I also found it’s hard to find LHP people to date but I know their is an undercurrent. They do exist, it’s just finding them that’s hard.


We here at Balg are quite unique and a lot us of here are about as open-minded as open-minded gets I mean we Mix Left-hand path and Right-hand path activities most of us here on the forums so we should be looking for people who don’t see one sided right?


Try dating someone who is grey path or LHP lol


This. Trying to date someone who is a (serious) RHP as a LHP black magician is disaster waiting to happen. Either they’ll be passive aggressive how you’re so egocentric or give you outright moral lectures or something along those lines. After a while it gets annoying. RHP people tend to be self-righteous, superstitious douche-nozzles who need to stfu.


same probleme here…

i meet people saying " i am spiritual/manifesting/ yoga-shit/astral working" but when we start talking the “real” manifestation/ angel/demon/ votex-holographic stuff energy.

they are just not ready.

or the other are just too into you almost obsessed because you are “magical” ( no spell casted i swear)

now i just don’t tell them. my ex husband filled for divorce because of my practise and today that still scares the shit out of him so…

you know what they say: silence is gold!

then if you don’t say anything you cannot be suspected of any kind of manipulation :smiling_imp:

i wish i could meet someone like me/us but the house would turn into amytiville i promise :joy:


I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Magickal Work is a lonely road. Apotheosis is even lonelier. I’m not trying to be a downer, this is just the way it is.

You are going to have to learn to keep this shit to yourself, of you want to have friends. Otherwise, you won’t have many, of any. There is a reason why Mr. Sorcerer from long ago didn’t tell anybody. Because, as I tell my children, "You can act that way, but no one’s going to want to be with you."
We are, by Nature, social creatures. Therefore, in order to interact with the rest of society, we have to follow society’s rules. If you don’t, you and of ostracized (on the south end of the spectrum) or in a psychiatric ward or jail (on the hard end of the spectrum). If you go to a psychiatrist and you tell them the stuff that you have told people on this forum, guess where you’ll end up? :blush:. That is how far removed from the social norm this is.

That means that most people are not going to get it. Even people who are magically oriented are not going to get it. just because someone is magically oriented, doesn’t mean that they understand a blessed thing about magic. Nor does it mean you were going to get along with them even if they did. (And it’s kind of important to get along with someone if you want them to be your partner or friend :wink:). It’s like putting two people who like the color blue together and expecting them to understand each other and be friends. Just because they both like the color blue doesn’t mean very much, it might not even be the same shade of blue! It’s the exact same thing in this instance.

It’s one of those things that you’re going to have to accept if you’re going to continue down this path. It’s hard, it’s ugly, and there are very few people who like it. But that’s the way it is. And it only gets lonelier the farther down the path you go.

That’s why forums like this exist. :wink:


You can claim religion and they will ignore it as such.

Its funny, if you find like minded individuals, or even people you just mesh well with and slowly introduce your beliefs regarding these things to them, they’ll take it as your beliefs and leave it as such.


I have found this to be the most trusted method of introducing my true self to people. But that means, it in the beginning one is going to be keeping this shit to oneself. Then, in a breadcrumb fashion, little tidbits of belief start to fall. I have lots of very traditional RHP people in my life who I love greatly and who love me, despite all the crazy stuff that I do! (Of course, most of them don’t know how crazy the stuff I do is!)


I guess I always did know that this is a lonely path. I just had higher expectations at first, which was my own silly fault. Thanks be to thee all though for these awesome words. Nobody is being a downer here, just real, and the truth isn’t depressing but freeing.


i’ve only had the courage to talk to a few people about it so far but it ended up being quite rewarding; one of them is a laveyan satanist that’s just happy to know i’m not scared of his views, another is a long-time internet friend, and the third is my boyfriend who has pagan and LHP beliefs and helped steer me in the right direction eventually c:
other than that though i keep my beliefs very hidden
i usually don’t care about what other people think of me but i’d rather not have my friends and family be scared of me for no reason :frowning:
at least there’s the inevitability of me eventually befriending someone i can be fully open about this stuff with, without the fear of them casting spells on me to make me fall in love with them >__>;;

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No disrespect to anyone’s path but I know when I was a little more RHP I had no trouble finding like minded people. It’s become so popular and the in thing that people wouldn’t bat an eye. (I still had trouble finding quality people though, but that’s a different story, such is my luck).

Now being fully LHP there is a huge backlash even in the pagan communities. We’re still the outcasts and it extends to dating too. Personally I either get someone who wants me to work magick on their behalf all the damn time OR they’re so freaked thinking I’m going to possess them or some shit. The last guy I was with was fine until one day he literally shoved me off him and across the room- I DID yell out Lucifers name in the throes of passion - but the ass was so freaked out he ordered me out and I’ve never heard from him again.

That said, I don’t hide my practices and I won t budge for anyone.


… Did you really yell that? I would NOT have pushed you away. That would be tooooo hawt. Lol


Lmao yeah I did. I give alot of sexual energy to him and most of the time I’m a do it yourself girl for now. So it’s pretty natural. And furthermore I HAD to think of Luci because ol dude wasn’t getting it done lol. He was SCARED, legit scared. Wouldn’t help me get my clothes, ordered me out and basically let me leave half undressed. Dick. Lol


Aw. Shitty. :frowning:

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I suppose yelling Lucifer our is better than yelling out your own name


Well yeah lol


Or worse. The cat


Hardcore fuckin’… When suddenly! ALL HAIL NYARLATHOTEP, sovereign of Chaos Untainted by conformity, Lord of all that is part of the Crawling Chaos! Sex immediately ends and a gun is drawn