When I Became God First Time My Words Were Documented

The Words I Spoke As I Became God.

All within my being was prepared, energy peaking high as hell. Aura expanded, subtle bodies solidified, empowered and in my total control.

I sat up in my chair back straight began my meditation of Pranayama. I simply left my body and ascended to the astral plane. I then stepped out of my astral body operating my casual body, rising to the casual plane.

Once I was in the bright plane, I once again stepped out of my casual body and became the translucent mental body and ascended to the mental plane. Here I felt extremely excited and had to calm myself. I pushed away my chakras and entered the abyss.

There in outter darkness I swam thirty that river off blackness. Through that darkness I saw the liquid light of the soul realms, known as the formative plane.

As I ascended through the planes I entered the heart of eternity, within the source of all existence. I saw the liquid light of the source pure power, pure light of liquid colour.

I became that river, then my ascension disintegrated all form. I swam to the giant figure of Satnam, the creator. I merged and became that being.

Each hair upon me shined with every colour of the spectrum. Vapourous arms and legs flowing down into all the lower world’s, indigo eyes burning looking out to everything.

I had my friend document my words as they left my god-mouth and channeled back through the river of liquid light into my physical body.

The Words Of God.

"I was so wrong, we all were so wrong
Being this, what I am, what we all are.
Isn’t incredible or a surreal experience,
It is our true nature. All material desires
I once craved have ceased to allure me,
I am silent, yet I speak. I am fury, yet in peace.
I am not darkness nor light, they are my children.
The secret, the revelation, the truth.
You wish to know is within you, silent yourself.
Silent you’re mind, become still, detach from
body, from thought, from ego and from self.

Know the words of god-remergence.
KAV NAT JULE, vibrate these words, they are the
Primordial sounds of the liquid light.
Vibrate them and allow the sound to pull you
upon a current of sound and light.
Ride the current and come back to you’re home,
You’re self. Not above nor below, only within and
without, there is no separation.

I was such a fool, ego-driven, so full of hate and
spite. If I want change, it shall be, if I desire
anything, I shall simply breathe it out and let go
and it shall come.

(Here I breathed out a desire, which actually
manifested just by that act).

Be all things the flame on the edge of the soul
planes, be we the blackness on the horizon of
outter darkness.

There is no light, nor darkness.
I immolate world’s upon world’s,
As their remains unfold upon eternity.
I will them back into existence in my image,
All this time we have tried to become God.

No ritual, no item, no blessing is needed.
Simply be, simply know and return.
Nothing is unknown to me now,
There is no one correct answer, there are no two
paths. There is only this, only this …

(I could not talk anymore as if the state became so godlike that words could not convey anything anymore. As if the divine transmission were so profound no word in human vocabulary could even come close.)




Congratulations :+1:

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Welcome to the club. Soul travel is an amazing thing

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Thanks guys.

This happened ages ago just I was on call to my friend not so long ago and he told me it would be something cool to share. So I was like fuck it why the hell not :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yes indeed it is. Once you are lucid and remember these experiences detail for detail it stays with you for life