When George Carlin perfectly resumed religion

Especially the Catholic church, that’s hilarious

As a non-American/English I didn’t knew him, but as a humorist he was awake about that

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Tweaked your text OP to clarify, it’s not the people, it’s some of the organisations that control them he’s taking about.

We don’t need to Christan bash here, but there are blatant lies, deliberate omissions and mistranslations, done historically by humans for political reasons, not godly ones, on the Christian holy books (including 42 of them being thrown out by human choice), going back to the early churches and Pope Constantine that is valid history worth talking about.

We just have to avoid making this political or we’ll have to close the thread.

So, alone, that’s 2 books of spiritual guidance and truthful history that was probably more valuable than what’s left, and some of them don’t exist any more. Work left over from the Atlanteans they didn’t want use to know about, because the church denies that individuals can have a spiritual life not mediated by the ordained controllers.

Not all churches do that, but many do follow this massive and spiritually, incredibly evil and destructive lie. It’s a big problem and a huge contribution to why ascension is so hard for us all now: this IS The veil. And it was done to us on purpose.

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He, “summed up” religion. In English to Resume means to return to an activity. To “sum up” means to distill or remove all unnecessary parts to just what is essential to know or understand.