When EVERYTHING goes wrong in ritual

Decided to summon Glasya Labolas.

Brought yellow candles, fresh rosemary, fresh citrus fruit, and his sigil (drawn in gold ink, I understand he likes that) into the bright midday sun outside.

It seemed promising at first - the candle flames were bright orange, which has never happened to me with those candles before, and I understand Glasya Labolas likes orange.

And then the damn candles just about drove me nuts.

One problem with outdoor ritual: nature. In this case, wind. I live near the ocean and the air is never, EVER still.

The candles would NOT stay lit. For a while, they seemed to be going out and relighting by themselves. I used up the rest of my matches repeatedly re-lighting them. And one of the matches abruptly snapped while I was lighting it, burning two of my fingers.

And my pets came to the nearest window (open because it’s hot) and started crying for attention. LOUDLY. They do that all the time, but they’re normally quiet while I’m doing magick.

And I had to cut it short because of an unplanned visitor who is extremely nosy.

I wound up apologizing to Glasya Labolas for the constant interruptions, stated my issue and my terms, and left the fruit (plus a shot of whiskey as a bonus) for him to enjoy.

Who else has ritual horror stories? Were your workings still successful?


You probably got his attention. :wink:

I once called the wrong names in a ritual. The intended angels still turned up, laughing at me because of my mistake, but they reminded me that it was my intention that matters.


Next time - some wooden cabin in the nature or some shelter like that behind which you could hide from the wind, and everything just far far away from the outside influences like pets and homo sapiens.
I.e. a few miles away from the civilization.
Ritual success guaranteed.


Haha…I live in Southern California. It’s so built-up that I’d probably have to spend the day driving out to the mountains in search of a closed-for-the-season ski resort (also, we have multiple wildfires every year without fail, so the only wooden buildings of which I’m aware are Victorian houses in rare surviving older neighborhoods).

I did manage to keep the sunlight on the sigil until I threw in the towel and went inside, at least. My outdoor space is very small, and shadows are an issue for most of the day.

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