When does opinion and or belief become a fact?

Generally if I’m asked a question I will ‘own’ the answer I give based on my experience and knowledge of the subject etc.
What I’ve noticed is that a number of people seem to state things - which in my eyes is an opinion or an action which works for them - as an absolute.
Which makes me wonder :thinking: is there a point when an opinion or belief becomes a fact?


Take a Gallon of LSD. Trust me…you will reach that point where opinion and belief become fact


Ahh this may be true but only to the one experiencing the trip…so not sure that counts! :wink:


For them it counts, yes. Each person has their own idea of what really “is” or what really “isn’t”, and to the individual reality is as they see it.

Just take for example the wide variety of paradigms employed by the people of this forum. If person A claims that their system is the only one that works, while person B uses a wholly different method, but both are getting consistent results, who’s really right?

And yes, there are more concrete examples like if person A doesn’t believe the Earth is round and person B does. But really, does it matter to person A? They’ll continue believing Earth is flat regardless, and if they never go and prove for themselves otherwise, that simply becomes their reality, even if it’s “obviously wrong” by our own standards.

Or ants. Does an ant ponder the vast breadth of the universe? No. Their “reality” is their immediate vicinity combined with their experiences.

We could sit and argue how solid or definable the “real” world is, but our reality is still what we make of it.

In my paradigm, anyway :wink:


Now that I’m branching into LHP I am coming to the conclusion that the universe really is everything.

Obviously beliefs effect our reality. With cognitive dissonance helping with that too. As opposed to specific paradigms being correct, I think the ALL is just an empty backdrop that all paradigms can exist within and be correct within themselves. If there are any consistent truths to the ALL, I’d say they’d be very basic. In this sense organized religions and the universe are what societies are to the earth.

Maybe RHP and enlightened reincarnation with the assistance of angels, is nothing more than an organization. And not actually the way of reality. I mean, they could be working with real principles and ascension through their current. But instead of it being the whole truth like I thought, maybe it is just a society that was constructed within a completely neutral universe. And for a time I was just in that society.


Yes, when the belief or opinion can be objectively proven through testing by others who do not share or are even aware of the original opinion, and produce identical results. In other words, take the flat Earth example given above. If you were to take a flat Earther into space along with a very large mirror and telescope, and show them that the Earth is indeed round from all sides, and any flat Earther could test this and get the same result, then your opinion that the world is round would then become fact (which it is).

But this makes for muddy waters, because there seems to be a belief among many people that all opinions have equal value because opinions are subjective in nature. They do not. You can have two opinions, but one of them is going to be closer to objective than the other. Not better, mind you, just closer to objective.