When does magick, become too "mainstream"

Alright if you’re like me and have been practicing magick for awhile you’ve probably noticed the sudden boom in the interest into the occult these past years, but as of lately it’s been really gaining traction I’m literally seeing some commentary YouTubers talk about it.
Well more like bashing on it, although they don’t have a fucking clue what this art is.

What do you guys think? Is it okay for Magick to become mainstream before science (or at least what they tell the public) can even confirm it?


Hell yeah, been working for that for years! :laughing:

Scientists tend to try and be gatekeepers, pushing trans fats as healthier than butter and recommending various other unwholesome things with a certainty bordering on fanaticism, and yet lacking any of the godlike powers to see deeper truths granted by magickal practice.

Of course there’ll be a few grazed knees along the way, probably the same thing with the discovery of fire… :man_shrugging:

The long-term effect (and importance) of us reclaiming our birthright transcends that, and the alternatives to humanity taking this route were not pretty, from what I saw.


Yea I agree 100% with you
I’m just concerned with the mainstream watering down magick, and creating a false idea that only light and love is acceptable, that everything else is “Immoral” cough wicca
I just don’t want spirituality to be seen as chakras and crystals by the public eye.


Magic is or rather its serious practice is never gonna be mainstream even if it is accepted as real by virtually everyone, just takes too much effort to get noticeable results for todays " give me everything right now" mindset. I’m more concerned about a new wave of those “charmed” larpers appearing to obscure the real magic with white light bullshit.


Keep in mind, when I say Wicca I’m not targeting paganism as a whole.
Wicca just seems to be the primary interest of the public when magick is brought up, and some even see it as just “religious practice”, rather than an ancient art
and the key to ascension.
To me, it seems that the Wiccan community is trying to hard to appeal to Christians and other intolerant religons.


Personally, I can see magick becoming mainstream, but “serious magick”, I can never see becoming a mainstream thing.
I totally agree with you 100%


Magic, besides other esoteric or, more generally, spiritual fields, is viewed either as dark or indeed in the “fluffy” sense; further, there is Hollywood magic, etc. An Italian hermeticist wrote that the Master of magic must possess completeness and perfection in good and evil. He followed an High Magic and scientific approach, which is another important “feature”. Some people on the Net grasp those things, although mainly on occult forums, like here :wink: while others reject such ideas.
Indeed, like that hermeticist also said, the common and simple notions are approachable and at the same time are precisely the reason for bias about the Occult. But as soon as we get to a more complex level…


Nowadays people are kinda disempowered, disillusioned about almost everything and look for shortcuts… Magick has such appeal, a shortcut for realization.

When does magick, become too “mainstream”?

When normal-fags are posting Belial memes


By the name of the most unholy daemons, that sounds fucking horrendous!


I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on science if for no other reason then most of the people in it are an unbelievably over cautious bunch, i also am long past needing anyone’s validation for the reality of magick.

And personally believe magick has always been mainstream right under everyone’s noses, it’s just now more are becoming aware of that fact and hopefully see how a lot of it has been used as a weapon against them by a small few.

And just to go a little more tin foil hat on you all, a lot of the anxiety some of this forum and elsewhere have reported is the struggle of who now will end up controlling it and what shape it will take for the next 1000 years, but that’s just of course my opinion.

I’m very pleased to it all see it becoming more open to all and less “occult”.


Ugh, I just don’t want to see fucking atheists bashing on us for engaging in our ascension, while they scratch their neckbeards.

That’s really what I just don’t wanna see.
Imagine that shit.

Sorry to go from proper discussion to just being honest.
I just had to put that out there.


I’m more worried about the effects I’m seeing in my area of magick becoming mainstream. Young adults want to do Magick but feel like they CAN’T learn it themselves, they have to have a Master, and by Master I mean Master not teacher. So they are easy targets for some less than honorable characters. That problem might get worse before it gets better.

Also, if the general public starts REALLY believing in Magick again we could see a repeat of all the horrific actions against practicioners ( those accused at the very least).

Ultimately there will be positive and negative effects of everything. And this forum and the organization BALG will probably help in some areas because if the empowering “You can do this without subjecting yourself to being treated in a degrading manner by some prick in a robe” message. As far as the torches and pitchforks…eh. we will have to see.

I’m hoping the benefits will outweigh the risks I’m seeing. And I’m definitely not going to let those risks keep me in fear. That “Broom Closet” crap ain’t my style.


I’ll be honest with you, I went through multiple dark nights of the soul before I even became vaugely aware of the existence of magick!

And now the new generation is going to have that awareness plopped down on them like a pile of playing cards!

I’m bitter about this because I want all the goddamn power!

I guess it can’t be helped lol, it’s better for the evolution of civilization in the long run, but I like having my advantages.


laughs in evil accent


You mean like this, lol?


Kids being raised in a society where they grow up in a prison and go to a prison for 12 years of their life, then going on to get a degree on a subject that they might not even like, only to be in 30k in debt :confused:
They’re probably scared of doing things on their own.


Of course they are. I live in Arkansas dude. “The Lord is My Shepherd and I’m a fluffy little lamb” . That attitude is so engrained in them that even the ones that want to break away from the oppressive structure of the Baptist Church still carry it with them. They’ve been infected since childhood.

I’ve had to do some work on my sisters who want to practice to get this shit out of their brains. Blonde sister didn’t need much elbow grease. Brunette sis still needs some empowering.


Why? Who cares what they think and why give them any of your attention at all? Let them flounder in their own ignorance and arrogance if they wish, and just take it as a sign that the closer you come to ascension the louder the calls for you to get back on your knees will get. They can’t stop you no matter how much they jabber about it, so better to just laugh at them all and carry on. :sunglasses:


As much as I hate to admit it I genuinely care about helping these people :sweat_smile:
But as Belial has taught me, they only care about bringing me down.
So I tend to avoid these fags.