When does "Look out for your self" turn into "With great power comes great responsibility."

As the title says. I’ve been wondering at which point does one’s responsibility go from concerning themselves to caring about others. And by others, I don’t mean friends, family, business, or inner circle. I mean helping others despite one’s relationship with them. Making a difference in the community or helping someone in need. What causes this shift in responsibility? And as well, is it our job to make those who go through this shift take on this responsibility.


Once I finiashed fixing myself I decided to tidy the world up a bit, Just an extension, not a change of tack. That which is without, is like that which is within - etc. :wink:


I don’t feel there is a responsibility at all, it’s a choice. If a person doesn’t like something going on around them or in the world, they can ignore it or try to change it.
The guilt factor can make things worse in my opinion. They are not in the right frame of mind to help and thus don’t really help.

Throwing pennies at a homeless person does nothing but stroke the ego, but assisting them by donating to charities or programs that help them get jobs does.


When you don’t compromise your or your loved ones health and happiness, then MAYBE its time to help others. I like cats so I donate to no kill cat shelters, if I have enough expendable cash. More healthy cats in the world makes it a better place, does it not? I generally don’t donate to charities meant to help other humans, but I make an exception for veterans as long as they accept cash. I hate those “donate monthly” contract things.


No kill shelters actually hurt cats. They turn animals away. There’s a good video by a woman who spends her life taking care of homeless cats on the subject if you’re interested.
I won’t derail anything and I don’t think donating to No Kill is wrong, I just offer it if you want to watch and have your own opinions on the video.

To me, the No Kill is a good example of people wanting something but doing nothing.
Each individual pet owner has to stand up and make an effort to protect (if it’s an issue to them) by looking at their own animals. Neuter them, spay them, keep cats inside, etc but too many don’t do these things and it causes more strays that overcrowd the no kill so end up back on the street and euthanized.

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Yeah I’m not american and used the closest analogue I could find. I doubt the Finnish Kissojen katastrofi yhdistys which I usually donate to operates in the same manner as its american cousins, mostly due to there being far less stray cats here.


There’s a No Kill in my area that only takes animals “with papers”. My father in law put in a request for a German Shepard though them. They called him about one but told him he needed to come get her that day. He asked why and they said she was paperless and defective so she would be shipped out to a kill shelter even though they had room for her, I was disgusted. I know not all are like that but it is something that happens with private businesses.


You don’t have any responsibility towards anyone but yourself and those who you choose to care about. Beyond that it’s a matter of personal interest imo.