When do you guys know to give up on something?

So the gist is I’ll never be able to live a nice life where I live in my career field.

I’m at a halfway decent electrical contractor on the non union side (thanks KP) saving to move to somewhere the IBEW has a lot more market share and is a little easier to get into.

I could sit here and outline the stark differences in pay and why the IBEW apprenticeship program is like the Harvard version of electrical training but I won’t.

I interviewed in June for the union here in San Diego and didn’t score good enough , I got a good score it’s just they only take a very small amount of people here. I can reinterview next June and then wait 2 years for my first call or I can move if I want to join the union.

I chose Western Washington because of the much better pay even on the non union side due to the immense union presence and because I’m an big outdoors guy but that’s besides the point.

I’ve struggled so much here and done so much magick on trying to get into the union and it didn’t work. Also I honestly don’t want to leave despite the fact I’ll probably like WA better. Maybe it’s a culture thing.

At what point do you accept defeat or know when to give up on something ? When do you just walk away ?

I just meditate and do energy work now , I don’t practice anymore but I tried putting a lot of energy in this when I did.