When divination becomes lusting for results

Where do you draw the line?

Preceding a ritual, or invocation, I will check with my tarot that my work is both just and the right choice for the circumstances. And almost every time, will follow up immediately afterwards with another small read that my request has been heard, understood & is underway.

But from time to time, I get the urge to use my tarot to check in on my long term workings. Its not that I’m doubting the work as such, but more like when it suddenly pops into my head months down the line, I’m like, “Oh yeah, how is that person going?” or “I wonder how far along that has progressed?”.
Before the check in, I already know and fully believe that my workings are being successful, but I can’t seem to blindly let them be. As soon as I’ve done the read, the whole lot gets put to the back of my mind and forgotten about for another few months. Is this a semi-conscious form of lusting or looking for results?

Nope , however time and patience will help you

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I usually forget about long term workings


That’s a very interesting question!

I think that it depends. To check on something is not necessarily lusting. But some people do many readings on something and I think that’s because they are lusting and use the readings as some kind of possibility to satisfy their lust - but that works just for a few hours most of the time, so they need another reading.
So they do readings as a result of their lust.

I think it’s also not the same to check on a situation or ask specifically about an outcome of a spell.


Go unbiased, do your reading, write it down then focus on other stuff in my opinion

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I have a specific thing where I always just lust for results and do readings on it. Like they have gotten rather repetitive over many years. It is a long term project and it has been really slow going. I don’t seem to have that issue with other things, like I do them, and then the situation is over and done with, and then that is it and it doesn’t need any more readings.

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I like your perspective on this, I suppose it all has to do with the mindset and the ability to keep moving forward.

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Hmm I thought about this for a time, also. I’m guilty of this myself in the past, not so much lusting but checking in a few days after a working was done. But I don’t think checking in once in a while is lusting :slight_smile:

Imo I would say a lust for results with divination is when someone does their own readings, then wants to double and triple check with others’ readings about the situation. It becomes a cycle that in the end, all they can think about are the readings, the outcomes, what they did, etc.

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I think you hit the nail on the head right there :heart_eyes: