When did your parents learn of your studies of the LHP?

How did it go? where they disappointed or perhaps fascinated? What was their reaction?

They will never know.


They were scared that I would go to hell


My parents don’t know about the LHP even though they now know I practice magic.

They think I’m a Wiccan and they decided not to talk about religion a long time ago. (I think my mom’s atheist and my dad’s a Christian deist).

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I told my parents the same day I decided my Dad didn’t really care but thought I should look at other paths first. My Mom told me “No, your a baptist!” and says things like “Where did I go wrong raising you?” and that what I am doing is scary and evil. But neither of them made a huge deal of it. My step mother mentioned kicking me out of the house once a long time ago but has said nothing about it since.


My mother always knew, since she’s a LHP witch herself and my father beat my ass, so I cursed him and broke his legs :joy:.

Hope that answers your question haha.


Well damn

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My mom ran across my demon dictionary with 1500 names and description of said demon. lol started placing the cross all over the house on pieces of paper on the floor with Bible versus. Asking me what’s up with he books told her I’m in college taking a religion course lol. Little do she know I talk to god daily about my working and he seems cool about it …maybe/maybe not o well do what you gotta do you feel me.


Iv yet to tell my mother. She is open minded yet not so much. Especially after my monkey of a cousin went crazy after well doing crazy (not so safe or good things in black magic) she sees it as nothing but evil and associates things of such as nothing but going to destroy your life. :woman_facepalming:t2: So telling her that I am basically practicing this stuff (but in a smart and scholarly manner) that non of that will happen to me is like telling your cat that taking a bath will not kill them. :joy:

I told my Christian mother. She was scared but also open minded. She asked me some question about the demons etc. She told me as long as I’m happy this way, she’s happy for me.

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