When did you start?

When did you start practicing magic? Have you ever had doubts before or after practicing magic? And what happened to erase those doubts off your mind?


January 29th 2017. I still get doubts on occasion, but not doubts that it’s real, so much as doubts that I’m as capable as I’ve been able to accomplish. Just keep pushing forward and exploring what you can do.


I didn’t know I was practicing witchcraft ,but i started at the age of 8
Last year is when I started to take my practice more seriously
I think once you gain knowledge and put in the daily practice to improve the more you gain confidence on your craft and see some actual results trust me all your doubts will disappear just keep going.

Sometime in -94 or -95 I think. I’ve sometimes doubted magic and wondered if I’m just mad. Then I get results and am reminded that its real.

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Beltane 2010 but I didn’t get serious about it until a couple years ago. I still get doubts but I KNOW this is the path for me.

I did not start until a couple of months ago (simple evocations) but I collected grimoires over the last few years.