When demons tell you strange things


I was told some strange things by demons and I want to talk with someone really open minded about them and If possible ask them to channel a spirit for me but I can’t share details here in public so if anyone is willing to help me and also know more please PM me

I’ve seen some other people here who were told similar things but I just want someone good at communication with demons to help me


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@LordVader Contact me. I can help.

Contact me i can also help. I work with the goetia

Hey Castor.TR1970
I don’t really have the time to personally help you out with this but I too have been told a lot of unusual things by the spiritual realm, often going against the grain of what is the accepted knowledge of these deities. Generally, I give it some time, things like synchronicity and further spiritual insights may help you understand what they are telling you. The thing is, after giving it some time, you need to make your own mind up about what they are telling you, do you think it’s right or relevant? If it’s not stop working with them. Hope this helps and you find someone to support you through this. Good luck with you path working.

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A man did a seance or an automatic writing session, contacting an entity who said to be Satan and instructed to do things like chewing cigarettes and flowers. Writing to a magician, he got the reply on a magazine that the spirit was a larvae.
One day I called a demon (maybe) asking what were his powers. He replied “I give water to who wants it”, with a voice that sounded like a discharging cassette player. In conclusion, let’s see… it may be indeed larvae or, for the first example, actually Satan joking or testing a person. And in the second there is very likely a meaning for “giving water”.

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